Project Gooseberry Coffee Contribution

Hey guys, I thought up this crazy idea today. For those who don’t have
the budget to make a large contribution to Project Gooseberry, or don’t want to
subscribe to the cloud, there’s still a way you can contribute! You can buy the Gooseberry team a cup of coffee!

Just send a custom pledge with whatever it is you pay for a cup of coffee where you’re from
(where i’m from i pay €2.00 euros at the local cafe), because everyone can afford coffee.
And for one cup of coffee you’re not just supporting the movie you’re also helping them
make blender more awesome and adding more features and improvements.

Go forth and drown the Gooseberry Team in coffee! :smiley:

Love the idea. Cup of coffee for one team member :slight_smile:

I thought of one “Flip a burger” project. Anyone can get hired for that. Even if you don’t have a job or money ATM, do it for a day, half a day and send the proceeds to the Project.