Project Gorgon Outfit Production time lapse (Part 1)

Game I’ve been working on (on and off) for a year or so. Current oufits in game are refits of older stuff. They need a bit of work. This is showing the general workflow for the game plus modelling techniques.

It just went to Kickstarter.


Project Gorgon on Kickstarter live:

Music in order:

Project Gorgon Main title by Conor Brace

Goblin Cadence by TeknoAXE

Project Gorgon Goblin Dungeon by Conor Brace

Project Gorgon Epic Boss by Conor Brace

Project Gorgon Sub Boss by Conor Brace

(All modeling in video is done in Blender. 3 hrs down to 9 min)

My portfolio:


High poly pre-final. Video up soon.

Part 2:

This is really awesome. And helpful as reference for technique. :slight_smile: