PROJECT GOTHIC: help wanted!

This is the the new re-direction of the previously named beautiful katana.

The game world is set in a dark, gothic western fictional fantasy world. the theme of the world will be a celtic/roman/eastern asia lore inspired.

BACK STORY- Once upon a time in the year 698 there was a great warrior knight of the rulling class that became a king in the land of celtia. He ruled justly for decades and built a great cililization and the land of celtia enjoyed a long period of peace. but he was gifted a strange stone one day. This strange stone was different from all other stones. it emmited a powerful light and overtime it began to slowly consume him. Soon he began to desire more and more power. the more he grew powerful the less just he became. anyone who opposed him was destroyed. he murdered and slayed hundreds of thousands as he sought total control of celtia!

He would stare at the glowing, humming stone for hours and hours everyday. and as so, he became even more powerful and wise. soon be started to become jealous of others. he thought those closest to him were after his stone so one by one he imprisoned them or destroyed them. he grew to trust no one. soon the stone consumed his very soul. he desired to be great. he wanted to to to the greatest, most powerful king of all. he soon became blinded of justice and ruled with the sword. He enslaved the citezens of Celtia and was feared as a tyrant god. he became the great tyrant king. His soul was so consumed by the stone that he destroyed himself. Early in his younger kingship when he was first gifted the stone he vowed that if the day should come that he ruled as a unjust, corrupt king that he be destroyed. as it would be a defilement to the throne he inherited. though in his consumed wicked state he remembers little of his early kingship. one day preparing for a crusade he made a request to the stone that it desroy his enemy before battle. little to his awareness on that very day the heavens opend up and a shower of giant stars ranged upon his kingdom. he had become his own enemy. the stone simply granted his wish. all that remains of his kingdom today is crumbled ruins. The stone has not been seen since.

today the year 1247 the land of celtia is once again a peaceful and diverse land. A new king rules the land. Celtia has become one again a great society. But instead of one king to rule of all the land to serve his own desires, the elders of modern celtia wrote a constitution. In this document signed by the king of celtia each region of celtia has a representitive king. so that if the king of celtia were to become corrupt, the representitive kings could leagally join together and remove the king.

But a dark curse spread across the land or celtia. many beleive they have located the stone and are harnessing it’s power to open the gates to resurrect the old king and his kingdom. but also they plan to resurrect the 8 great warriors of ancient celtia kingdom. they now possess the power of the stone and they are using it to sedate the king of celtia in a state of slumber. now with the king frozen in slumber and powerless the celtia kingdom is in chaos and war is brewing. something must be done before evil king and his minions are resurrected! celtia needs a new hero.

GAME WORLD CONCEPT: The concept is a open world,stylized-gothic, cel-shaded action/rpg in first person perspective. but it’s not a typical rpg. the enviroment is a small open world town(not huge) but also at the same time it will be simple enough for a small blender team to actually complete. the player will warp to the boss temples/palaces/dungeons from the game world/town through different portal gates.

GRAPHICAL CONCEPT: The the visual style i’m aiming for is a cel shaded stylized gothic look with plenty of glow, lighting, bullet physics and soft bodies where possible.

GAMEPLAY CONCEPT: Your character will not have a life guage or a hp meter. you will tell your hp on your physical looks. if you are in full hp you will look vibrant and healthy with no battle wounds. as you lose hp your character will become worn, slumped over ,marked with wounds and gernerally move around much slower. MP works in a similar way. the more magic you use the more it zaps your energy. also, as you use magic it will slowly lose it’s effect until there is none left. so the more you use magic if will slowly lose it’s power until there is none left. and stat building works in a similar way. the more your strength, stamina, wisdom, magic etc. increase the bigger your physical apearence will look. so instead of going by a a stat ro bar you measure your stats by your characters appearance.

CHARACTER CLASS: you basicly have three races; humans(warrior,mage,rouge), elfs(warrior,hunter) and dwarfs(warrior)

ENEMIES: The game world will feature traditional yet original fantasy lore from dragons to knights to orcs to ogres to monsters to wizards to demons etc.
There will be about 8 main boss encounteres each with it’s own unique palace/temple/dungeon that will feature traps and puzzle solving.

Seeking blender artists to model/animation artists for landscape/level, characters, buildings etc. Also seeking programmers. modeling and programming knowledge is a plus. anyone who conrtibutes or wants to work on the project will get full credit, royalties and even bonus pay$ once the project is near finished. 100% of earning from the game will be distributed to the the project team. Everyone who works on the project will be able to bring there own creative ideas and style to the the game. I am the project director but I want all who are involved to have a direct role in the final outcome of the project.

To all interested in joining the team or contributing please send an example of your work to my email. [email protected] or send me a pm.

when the project is near finished we will send it to an indie publisher to do all real time cut scenes, debugging, polishing.
if the project is anywhere near finished.

Out of hope that you have starting capital I didn’t express opinions, now I will.

cel-shaded rpg in first person perspective […] The the visual style i’m aiming for is a cel shaded stylized gothic look with plenty of glow, lighting, bullet physics and soft bodies.
That’s a lot of work most people are unfamiliar with. Toon shader alone won’t cut the trick. Softbodies in realtime? Wrong game engine.

open world with day/night cycle and season/weather change
That’s a lot of hardcore programming.

the open world will be a decent size(not huge) but also at the same time it will be simple enough for a small blender team to actually complete. the world will not be that big but it will have have towns, villages, castle kingdom, large lake, river, forest,waterfalls, mountains, jobs, fishing etc.
There is no such thing. The only ones who are capable of making such a diverse world are paid or at least sponsored professionals (e.g. Yo Frankie), and I’m seeing no way for you to afford them. Sure, you promise money, but only if the game succeeds. And that is a very long shot.

all npc shop owners and townsfolk will have there own lives, jobs, and appointments to keep.
Like Radiant AI in Oblivion? In Blender? For unsure money? By forum-lurking intermediates? You must have a lot of nerve and ambition.

Your character will not have a life guage or a hp meter. you will tell your hp on your physical looks
That’s a lot of high-quality animation. Animation that you have to pay for.

By the looks of how high you aim, I highly doubt you’ve ever created a game. Try make a simple game that changes weather every time you press Space and a lot of things will fall into perspective.

You have an excellent game idea. Few people plan their games so well. But don’t waste this idea on your first game. You will fail. Gain experience, get familiar with every feature you want in Gothic Beauty, and when you finally have felt every aspect of game making in action, then go for Gothic Beauty. You’ll have much more chances at success.

Moshanator, the glass is half empty eh? I think you are comparing these ideas to a commercial AAA game which is the wrong idea in the first place. you even mentioned oblivion. I think that you are comparing small wild apples to super hybrid oranges. this is a small team working on a a small indie game. No need to even bring up radiant engine or oblivion. I’m quite aware of blenders limitations.

I think there are a few ways to achieve the cel shaded look in blender. blender dosen’t support soft bodies? for a free program i think blender holds it’s own.

As for the game world. it won’t be as massive as you think. in fact it will be quite simple in size and design. Moshinator, if certain parts/aspects of the game that are too complex or time consuming to program and or design they will be scaled down or eliminated. I’ve decided to leave out the weather effects and day/night cycles. I will take your advice on that.

Moshanator, i think you underestimate the talent within the blender community. there awesome amazing things being done on this engine.

Thanks for the helpful advice and critique. I welcome it.

the glass is half empty eh? […] Moshanator, i think you underestimate the talent within the blender community
You’re probably right. But that’s because I’ve been the talent within the blender community (Helicopter Game, Hero of the Day) and the glass has been half empty since.
My point: Probably, not definitely, but probably you will be on your own if you want things to turn out (as good) as you want them. Be ready for that. But (at least appear to) succeed on your own and you’ll have a team. only helps those who help themselves.

To make up for the ranting, here’s an animated water texture I made. Should fit well into a cel-shaded world. Press P to see it in action.

Seeking blender artists to model/animation artists for landscape/level, characters, buildings etc. Also seeking programmers. modeling and programming knowledge is a plus.

So basically you need people who can do everything for you while you sit back and watch this thing unfold.
At the very least you can’t expect people to do these things for you if you barely have an understanding of them yourself.

Before you can start something like this you need at least these 2 things.

  1. A reputation in the community
    and 2) A decent post count.

So yes, while these conditions remain false, I’d say the glass is half-empty at this point.

Good luck with your project.

I don’t see a started project. I see a very well thought-out idea, but an idea nevertheless. A started project has to have at least something besides plans. Models, textures, sounds, even a bucketload of concept art would do.
We’re not discouraging anyone from starting a project. Actually starting the project, doing some actual work would stop all the flaming. We’re discouraging people from recruiting a team to do all the work out of free will.

ok time for a quick update. No longer using blender game engine. switched to Unity3d indie version but we are still using blender for all the modeling/animation etc. also the website layout is finished and i’m just sorting out a a host and url so official website should be up soon with gallery, forums, concept art and game info.

characters update: as for the playable characters is the game, only the elf race will be the playable characters. but there will be three different sub-races of elves; the northern snow forest elf(light), the southern tribal elf and the dark elf. There are many classes among the elves such as warrior, hunter, rouge, mage and so on. but there will be plenty of npc humans, dwarfs, fairies and more to interact with in the game world.