Project Granite(Dead)

This project is dead…

The main character seems to lack personality :slight_smile:

Yes, well, like I said before, I am not that great at blender. I am OK, but not super great. I also tend to stink at textures. I am slowly getting better with them though. And you are right Josip, the main character does lack a bit personality, but I just can’t seem to think of anything else to texture onto him that would make him look good. I like the smooth look that he has so I don’t need to use normal maps for him. Although as you can probably tell by the enemy, I used a really complex normal map. And as for the soldier, I like the form/modeling of him and I like the camo texture, but IDK if the overall texture looks great on him… I think I’ll keep it, and work on other things. Thanks for actually taking the time to reply. I will continue with my game. Any ideas for textures for the Main character or enemy will be helpful.

Here is an untextured spaceship that is finished being modeled.


You should take more time on your models and use more reference images. Don’t speed through things! I’m not exactly sure what the enemy is supposed to be.

yeah the enemy looks like a green blob…

hmmm… You guys are right. Which is why I am changing a lot of the story (it stank anyway.) and I have an idea for a new main character… this time it will actually be a person (and will be very well modeled unlike that soldier guy.) I am making the robot thing the main character will operate right now. Although I never really tried hard body modeling before so this could be difficult…

here is update on untextured robot thing. Tell me if its worthy of actually working on. And tell me any ideas I could improve it… There is no cockpit on the robot for reasons that I have. So just tell me any thing I could add or improve.


whats the poly count? like how many vertices? also, it kinda looks too much like a walker from starwars…

1892 faces and 1958 vertices. I still have to break down the poly, but I will work on that later once I know I am completely finished modeling. And, Yes, it does look a lot like the walker from star wars (i think it was either called AT-AT or AT-ST can’t remember) anyways I think it will be different enough. Do you have any ideas on how I could improve it? It just doesn’t seem… roboticky enough. Because I am used to organic modeling and I have never really done hard body modeling. I guess I will just look at pictures of heavy machinery to try and get ideas…

Here it is…

I decided to add some wires and random extruded faces around it. I think it looks better, but I am still not satisfied… I need to work on it more. If you have any ideas that could make this better, then please tell me.



I think it would look better with flat shading instead of smooth. That will help it look more mechanical.
And those wire could probably just be done with textures.

ok, I added some more random stuff that I could think of to it.

It has like 3076 faces so I probably will have to make the wires textures. Should I use a normal map for that?

I think it does look better in flat shading, but I would like anybody else’s opinion of it. As you can see, I need to change some topology of this if you look closely at the flat shading pictures. Also, what else could I just texture so I can reduce the poly? Any ideas? And one last thing, what else could be put on this model to make it look even cooler? Ok, this is the last question, would it be better if I seperated all the external items (like the cylinders on its back) from the robot? because, they aren’t actually connected, they just “are there”.


4th pic…


Looks good

Thanks, fayt. Do you think I should keep it smooth or flat?

umm, keep it at smooth. Like RobCozzens said, it looks more mechanical that way

You mean flat? Yeah, I think I will.

added laser cannon thing on top and gun sorta thing on bottom. also added random extruded faces.


Ok I decided I am done with the modeling and I am gonna start converting it to a low poly mesh.