Project Gwim

GDD: Project Gwim

                 Action Adventure
                  Singleplayer: Yes
                   Multiplayer: No

A fall from grace. A fall that showers the world in darkness. Bringing out the ugly in the people we come to know. Losing sight of our own beliefs for the sake of power. This made us go mad, altering our own beliefs as we would with twisting the truth. Wondering if we still have faith in righteous things as we are mislead in the interpretations of false concepts. Concepts that are from the truth, but are told as a lie. A lie within a truth, making it hard to differentiate what is which. Now we are fighting each other because we only believe in what we were taught. Am I right and your wrong, or are you right and I’m wrong. What makes you believe in such ways…that I don’t understand. This is a story about what makes a character belief’s a justification for their actions, and Gwindle is on her journey for those answers.
Gwindle is on a journey that will pit her against the powers of the Sisters. A group of females who reign power over their plains. Each seperated into different directions holding a fort as governmental powers. They each posses a doctrine that is false in it’s teachings as Gwindle know’s she found the real doctrine of Gwimbala, which man hidden from it’s people. Now she has worked up the fight to take them down and discover why they decided to believe in the opposing doctrines that contradicts man’s laws. With that, Gwindle discovers that the Sisters were at the deal to this, and that they aren’t the main hands in this war.
Gwindle: A young girl who by all means severed her connection with all of her emotions, but she does have a sense of faith believing in what she know’s in understanding and what appeals to her common sense. She enjoys reading and learning, making discovers and making her own philosophy’s of life. Taking in that account she is also religious. With that she tries to understand why do people act the way they do and yet believe in something. As much as she wishes to learn about others and possibly make friends, she is constantly targeted and must do battle with those who fight with reasons she doesn’t understand. Wishing to not fight, she hopes to change the hearts of man.
Gwimbala: The book of life. The teachings of how man is suppose to live accordingly. It is a book of which God gave to man, by which he picked out certain prophets to write a story, by which all are truth’s hidden amongst more truth’s. Gwimbala know’s every story written in him, but understands that people will try to corrupt the teachings of He who brought him into existence. Gwimbala was hidden to the eye’s of man for years on end. Faithfully, Gwindle has come upon his hidding place and awoke him of his presence. At this moment, Gwimbala is a guide to Gwindle.
O’Rion: A spirit that takes on the form of a creature that resembles a fox. He is quite the chatter box, unlike Gwimbala. He keeps Gwindle entertain and is rather helpful as well just as Gwimbala is. O’Rion pass down his healing ability to Gwindle to help keep her safe. But if anything goes wrong, he can help heal her himself.
Level/Environment Design
Grey clouds, dark groaning forrests, hollowing grounds. The world has grown dark during times of the ends coming. Yet it is a beautifully distinct world, it just have fallen from grace. Changing overtime as the darkness grows fonder and fonder of the hearts of man. But the lands aren’t always dark, it is naturally beautiful when the sun shines bright. Sadly the land never stays bright as long as it use too. The presence of shadows have taking over.
The game is generally a 3rd Person Action Adventure. Full of combat, exploration and platform elements. Integrating that with a mix of puzzles to mix up the pace
The art style is a cartoonish style with a much more darker and mature theme. An artistic style a child will love and adults will remember back when they once played their old classic fantasy games. Yes indeed this will be a fantasy game set in a more modern setting. It includes plenty of dark elements so to speak.
Sound and Music
The sound and music of the game will match the tone of the story and world the characters are in. Matching the dark and mysterious tone the game is trying to convey. With all forms of music, it will be a wonderful world of memorable music.
Gaming Platforms/Engines
Game Engine: Unity 3D & OUYA’s ODK
Gaming Platforms: PC & OUYA

For art pieces and soundtracks, go to
Also to note each sister is a boss, they happen to have a 2nd stage to
each of their battles in where they evolve into their 2nd form. They
take on a monsterous form at that point. Year is 21-015, Dubbed 21X-1.
Anime + realism mix, yes. I kinda want to see how we can blend the style
in when it’s in a 3D model form. The sisters is a term for governor,
pretty much women has become the one’s who make decisions like a queen.
The goo comes from the powers of the sisters. With the growth of their
powers through the study’s of the teaching of their books, the goo
develop into monsters and more so into the sisters powers. The goo
pretty much comes from the books of false teachings. It’s like throwin
clay on the floor and watching it become a hideous creature. Yes. The
sisters power aren’t exactly goo as their body’s withstand the change.
They just turn into more physical shape creatures with things like
tails, wings, claws, ect. Some may become gaints, a couple may have 3rd
forms though. Having masks is a great idea! I definitely like that
concept of breaking their outer shell and revealing their true
character. How many, I was thinking seven, but if more then at the most
ten since they wont be the only bosses. This would make a game that have
you journeying to about 12-15 different locations, small in scale
though. Each are like a mission base level put into one story arc. Each
location play through including bosses shouldn’t take more then 30 mins.
Giving from start to boss encounter 20 mins and boss battles being 5-10
mins. Sisters with a 3rd form and of course bosses near the end of the
game may take a little longer, possibly 10-15 mins, maybe 20? In all, it
should take about 6-8 hrs to beat the game.

People I am looking for:
3D Modelers - Model the characters, props, levels, environments and such.
Programmers - Who can build the up from start to finish in making sure the game itself is working properly.

You can email me at [email protected]
My Skype is GhosahGames