Project Helios teaser 1

Hello, this is a small animation I did as a teaser for a project of my association.

The final goal will be to produce a 1h length film that is part of a live action role playing game that take place in a cinema. The project is in french, so is the teaser.

It was done in blender (cycles), the non-text scene were composed in blender, text scene were composed in natron (the first part, with the terminal, was enterly done with natron, which has some nice tools to animate text in 2d). Video assembling has been done in Kdenlive (which is not as good as blender, except for audio effects and easiness of use).

Hugin, gimp and GMIC has also been used in the process.

i love the clouds on the planet from space looked awesome, same with the planet in the sky.

Thank you. For the planet I used some info from

For the space clouds, I painted the texture on a sphere in blender (with the stars) an applied it as a skydom. But I found it to be a little flat. So I used gimp and GMIC to separate the stars and clouds between the levels of details, then reused each level of detail on a sphere of different radius to get a little more of deepness feeling.

For the scene on “earth”, it’s a pano created with hugin and imported in blender. I also prepared a few masks in gimp, using foreground select. Then the rest is a bit of animation in 3d workspace and work in the compositor.