Project Helios

[Project Helios Dynamic Progress List]
See below list for project description

As sketches and models are ready I will post them, and update this linked progress list.

Objects In Pre-Model Development Phase
-M998 HMMWV Modernized Variant
-AC14 Valkyrie HCAS - Sketch 1
-C26 Orion Multi-Purpose Transport
-MA308 Spectre MAS
-more to be listed

Objects In Basic Model Phase
-M328 Portable Defense Emplacement
-M24 Particle Accelerator Rifle
-MA517 Havoc MAS
-Multipurpose Cargo Containers
-Medical Supplies
-Ammunition Canisters
-more to be listed

Objects In Advanced Model Phase
-MA214 Wrath MAS -
-Infantry ExoArmor/Light - Render 1 - Render 2
-M8 Assault Rifle
-M75 Chameleon MPUCV - Render 1 - Render 2
-Portable Power Cell Medium
-more to be listed

Project Helios is the development of a world in which several stories will be told. The basis of the stories will be a conflict; a new global war. The settings are several places around the world, and the time is intended to be at least 20 to 30 years forward. The majority of the action will occur in urban environments, so the camo schemes currently on models aren’t final and may be placeholders for testing.

I have been working on the Blender aspect of this project since May 2001.

Now keep in mind, the designs in this project are not meant to perfectly mirror equipment, units, or vehicles currently in service. Some differences may exist. In fact many things about the world I’m developing are different, especially the geo-political climate and time-frame.

The project is intended for eventual animation. I have been writing the story for quite some time now, and I intend for the story itself to be able to stand on its own without the animation. Therefore the animation is intended to reflect a particular point of view from the storyline, and to gain a better understanding of the world some reading may be required if you are interested.

Personally it’s difficult for me to post this, I am a severe perfectionist and only one other person than myself knows anything about the story at this point. I’m sure you’ve seen posts like this in the past, grand intentions and projects which never see completion, but to me this is very different. I have worked on this since 1997 and still devote time to it on a daily basis. I will eventually produce a good animation, it may just take a while.

do you have any pieces of the story you could post.

The models both look like you know your way around blender.

Are you planning on doing the whole thing by yourself or are you planning on making it a project with a team?

Regarding the story, I’m close to being able to post it for external review, at the moment it’s not in a form that would be coherent for anyone other than myself.

As for the team concept, I’ve tried forming up with other people here locally, but nothing ever materialized. I don’t have experience with working on such a project online, but I’m not against the idea.

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I scanned in a couple of sketches.

M75 Chameleon MPUCV

The latest in drone technology, the M75 Chameleon Multi-Purpose Unmanned Combat Vehicle is a modular weapons platform with mobility and lethality. Comparitively small and lightweight not to mention cheaper than a Main Battle Tank, the M75 provides options for field commanders, base defense, and convoy operations with almost no downtime between loadout installations. Available variants: Anti-Personnel, Anti-Armor, Anti-Rotary, and Anti-Fixed Wing.

This version as shown is equipped with an Anti-Tank Coil Gun of the embedded flexible thermo-conductor variety.

C14 Valkyrie HCAS

As a replacement for the aging AC-130 Series Gunships, the C14 Valkyrie Hybrid Close Air Support aircraft more than fills old Puff’s shoes. Based on the Raptor Legacy Platform, the Valkyrie continues the Intrinsic Qualities tradition of an easy to use, low maintenance, and modular design. The C14 is designed around a revolutionary retractable turret, which can be outfitted with several combinations of payload and equipment. Quantum AmmoStores are standard, providing tremendous ammunition and fuel capacity which translates to the Valkyrie remaining on station for hours with unrestricted fire control. With the firepower to level a major city, modest air to air capability, and a low-observable profile, front-line troops need never go without fire support again.

replaces the ac-130? kind of odd IMO…

Looks good! I’m impressed with the Chameleon sketch- but then I’m not really one for imaginative concept designs :-?

The armour looks good, apart from some blockyness in places (should the knee pads be made of rubber? Should there be pouches on the belt?)- I assume the rifle you mentioned is the one in the image.

It would be great to see more renders!

Here is a test render of the M75 Chameleon.

The only texture used was for the rectangle of asphalt, the model itself only has a couple of materials applied.

The suspension and wheels are pretty much finished. The hull will be finished soon, and the coilgun will probably be done before the hull because it has recently caught my interest :).

It’s hard to tell the scale with this picture, but the M75 isn’t very large, it’s smaller than the average sedan.

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Well, pretty nice render.
Nothing to tell about the modelling, but (and it’s just my personal opinion) I think that the two suspensions are too close from each others and so it could make your M75 Chameleon a little bit unstable.
As I said this is just my opinion.

And I truely lke your wheels. :slight_smile:

That’s really a neat robot. I like the way you can see how the wheels are driven differently… like no axle… very original.

I really like the concept of this and where its going, i hope to see much progress on this and see the outcome. Though since 2001, might take a while? :-? I really like your infantry unit good stuff keep it up.

If everything is going to be original, you may have to start focusing on not so exciting things, like structures, and trees, and terrain. You might enjoy the change of pace. I like what I see.

It’s funny you should say that, I’ve been studying architecture and city planning for several months trying to develop urban, sub-urban, and desolate environtments. A life long friend of mine is a now retired civil engineer. :slight_smile:

One roadblock I’ve hit recently, is a way to achieve a realistic and attractive sky. I think I may have hit on a solution though, sample pictures from a website selling tutorial DVD’s for pros gave me an idea.

If you’d like to take a look, it has sample textures and other stuff:

eh, gonomon is big bucks though, there stuff looks like quality but i have also heard its not worth the price…

I’ve just finished with this new design for a portable power cell.

For a scale reference, think of a large hand portable toolbox.

Useful for jumpstarting dead vehicles, powering a wide range of tools, floodlights, charging batteries, or acting as a remote power source for a limited time. The cell is capable of reaching a full charge within seconds using an energy storage system that departs from conventional methods. The design is part of the modular field tool system designed for mounting on the Universal Carry-All Frame

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Totally impressed!..

I hope I can see more of this in the forum~

One word says it all— AMAZING!!!

It is nice to see you are still at this.

Your soldiers shins are too short. Give them another 3 inches or so. It is a mistake I used to make all the time with my human figures.

Here is a small progress update on the M75 Chameleon.

The Coil Gun is starting to take better shape, but I’m not sure if it will remain in the style it is now.

The turret ring is in place and the gun’s gimbal mount is almost finished.
Recoil dampening and elevation actuators need to be added.
When I perform a proper detail pass on the hull it will have a different style.

The rear engine compartment armor is close to being finished, it’s hard to see in this view, I’ll post a better picture of the rear later.

Also, thanks go to edheltar for his geometric analysis, after consideration of the calculations he provided to me, I moved the axles farther apart which lengthened the wheel base for increased stability.

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amazing :o :o :o , you maybe a newbie to this forum but not to 3d in gerneral :smiley: :smiley:

Well he did start this post in August of '05