Project High car systeam

start the wip project


looks good! can’t wait to see more updates

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Can use this as inspiration for my coming soon game 2020

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start the wip project


Great to see a new car game in 2020 this is great man please keep up the amazing work buddy!

Im a hard core fan of yours too! :sunglasses: :+1:


Are you making Open World Racing game or Race Track Game?

Because it plays more like Forza but with Project CARS physics.


Thanks buddy ,
i dont now forza open world in upbge is to hard XD my orientation is on project cars or assetto corsa like
and i have tracks from modder or i remake the track but the problem again is the menu -__-

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That’s Good then , focus on refining those aspects of blender racing im still working on an open world formula for UPBGE like Forza Horizon it will take me up till next month before i can showcase something serious again. (Right now im focusing n TBW and also AI Cars system)

Fred/K.S i have ai with seek and path follow


Hi @Leon_Maniora

Would you mind explaining some details? For example…

  • Where did you learn this?
  • What’s your process of dealing with these huge tracks?
  • Are they somehow split and loaded during runtime?
  • Can you give some details on the vehicle physics you use?
  • How did you come up with the car sound system?
  • Is there any chance you can share a minimal *.blend?

I know - too many questions.

Good job, this looks really polished! :+1:

Keep it up man im impressed! :sunglasses: :+1:

Now all you need is a main menu starting sequences and game music and AI racing :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face: this is fantastic work man.


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*learned by myself
*this are modded tracks from assetto and buddys
*all in one scene except this car is link but in the backround
*this car physics base from jero and i modifier the script and physics base to me
*the radio random
*yes i can load a blend file but only the game or the finish car physics by me

Thanks buddy :smiley:

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oh yes the menu i dont no how i have idea with scene with backround with switching but i dont no how

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will show you something tomorrow night of how i achieved menu background, u ssing Code or Bricks to switch between scenes?


i will switch this ,this is a car in backround but when i make this with nodes look bad and not the same with this methos why?

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idk (I don’t know) maybe they’re not being handled quite well in the other scenes

one thing i realized when working with UPBGE is that you have to be tweaking the Real light world properties each time you switch from scene to scene there fore maintaining consistency between the scenes however this is not the case when you make the switching seamless.

its complicated cuz of real-time world properties are not yet added to UPBGE so lighting always has to be changed when switching from scene to scene, nodes break in UPBGE 0.2.4 and the color management hence why i use 0.2.0 but you need to learn to work with what you have there @Leon_Maniora

try and find a way around that limitation go around them don’t try and fix them going forward there’s always a work around these Engine limitations!


That looks (and sounds) awesome! How did you do the car engine sound?

You succeed to make your game looks like a 2010 PC pro game (which is a success for an indie game :slight_smile: )

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2010 is even too old id say 2014 - 2015 game …