Project Horizon

Well, after almost a full day of rendering, I have decided to post my art. I know it needs alot more work (especially the environment, such as the inside of the hangar). I also want to redo the textures on the body of the spacecraft. I posting it here because I want some outside input before I waste too much time on it.

Constructive Critcism and Comments please!

For those wondering, it took over seventeen hours to render on an Athlon 2800+/512 MB RAM

Very cool idea.

I see that some of those square lights on the ceiling seem to extend past the image of the planet; unless that is a reflection it doesn’t seem too obvious. On the ceiling try to put up some texture or detail. Some subtle details on the left and right walls might be good too. Other than that it is extremely good.

Why doesn’t the “Project Horizon” text not reflect on the ground. Was it added in post-production?

osa 16,
AO 16
raytracing res 128
subsurf 0,1
set smooth

those are what i’d suggest for gloabal and render setting!

17hours! that is way to long! you must have a 16mb gpu! :stuck_out_tongue: i don’t see what should take that long! what is in there?

Wizard: Thanks! The square lights that seem to float are the dupliverted lights. It appears as though I didn’t extend the ceiling far enough. I will play around with ceiling textures and wall textures. I am thinking about taking off the reflections or turning them down really low because I can’t afford a seventeen hour render every day! The ‘Project Horizon’ was added in post production. I am not very experienced in Photoshop yet :D. When I get more experienced I will add a nice (and decent) title to the pic.

Prince: My render settings.
AO=16 (Use distances and with Both and Sky Texture settings)
Depth(RayMir and RayTrans)=10 (I might have had the area lights set for raytraced with 16 samples, I can’t remember. I couldn’t use the computer all day!)
Raytracing Res=64
NO SUBSURF (These are NURBS surfaces! I guess I could convert it to mesh)
Unified Renderer

I thought of global illumination after I rendered. The under side of the craft is kinda dark. I was hoping the ceiling lights would reflect off the floor lighting the scene nicely.

17 hours is a bear! I have 64 MB Geforce 4 (I can’t wait until GPU utilization becomes part of Blender. Until then, I hope to stumble across an internet renderfarm!) Maybe it has something to do with the 2560x1920 resolution :smiley: ! I cut resolution to 1280x960, but photobucket cut it down even more! I will stick with 1024x768 renders now (my LCD resolution) I want to do an animation, but with this last render time, I starting to doubt myself.[/b]

Project Horizon is just a figment of my imagination . . . for right now. I hope that one day it will not be. Has a unique propulsion system (No engines!)

ok a few suggestion perhap…maybe they’ll be useless to you because you might want to keep your first ideas but anyway…

Get ride of AO 16sample…and no I’m not to use it at all or things like that (AO Abuse thread anyone??) but it’s not of any use in this particular scene. Simple light will do the job, or at least don’t use 16ao sample…use 10-12…should get ride of most of the noise anyway…

a depth of 10 is simply…totally useless in this very render. Because the depth is how many time a face will reflect another reflecting face and vice versa. And in your scene, we can HARDLY see a face that reflect something else more than 2times…so a depth of 2 or 1 will be WAY ENOUGH.

If you use area light, don’t use 16 sample…it’s totally useless again…but if you want to really have such perfect shadow than it’s ok…the thing is, that we barely see any shadow in your image. you should check up your lighting setting. I would have a powerfull sunlight where the sun is placed in the image. Then some very, BUT VERY low energy lamp handing around the lightof the hangar ceiling…and don,t put 1area light for each light square…maybe 1 at each 4 square…would do the job pretty good and will reduce your render time considerably.

raytracing res…hmm why having it at 64? when most of the scene is having reflection. higher it is, more the whole scene will be divided in smaller “cube” aera. The smaller the area, the faster the calculating. so having it higher will decrease rendering time (am I wrong here??? plz correct me if I am)

and you,re using a sky texture for the AO…is the sky texture a black map with stars??? if it is…then your whole ambiant occlusion will have a nice…black color…won,t be much usefull is you ask me (and in any space scene, I consider the AO a bit useless…)

oh and you’re using unified renderer…hmm I know this help with particles sometimes…but why would you need it in this particular scene I would try using the normal renderer…will render WAY faster…

anyway, good luck with you project…and I hope you took all my cirtic in a positive way

I am slightly confused with AO. Is it the LOWER the sample=less noise or HIGHER the sample=less noise? I will try a version w/o AO, but right now some other REALLY important things have popped up in my schedule.

The RayMir depth of 10 was totally by mistake. I thought it was set for 3 or 4 but I when I posted the above I saw to my dismay it was a whopping 10! I think this was my main culprit. :smiley:

I think I will change area light to like 6 or 8 instead. I want somewhat realistic shadows. I have a square at every area light because it was the easiest way. I could just duplivert both and change the emit setting for the squares. I actually like the squares at every area light, but I could make them smaller.

I never did understand the Raytracing Resolution option. Again, I will experiment with this when I have the time.

I think the black map with stars is the sky texture. If so, that explains why everything is sooooo dark :D. No wonder I had to my lights way up! I think your right about the AO. I will lower the number of samples or get rid of it completely.

The unified renderer has always been my personal preference. I don’t use the other internal renderer that much. I will, again, experiment with this.

I rarely take crits in a negative way. Thanks for the input. I think my scene will be a lot more managable now. I’ve only been using blender for about four months. This is my first WIP post.

If I understand the concept correctly, the larger the number of small objects you have in a scene, the faster a higher res octree will make it, but a poor algorithm for the octree may make large objects (such as ground planes) take ages, and longer at a higher res…

What do you mean by a poor algorithm? What exactly is an octree resolution (i.e. what is the logic behind it?)?

Octree resolution is the same as Raytracing resolution. It’s like X-Warrior said. The scene is divided up into a pile of octets (I can’t recall if it’s in 3- or 2-D) until the point where you have only one object in any given octet (an octet could be described as something with 8 corners. A Cube is normal, however not neccessarily what you’re using. Blender probably uses cubes). The logic behind it is that unless you use something like this, you have to render every part of the scene again for every part of the scene, which would be really slow. Divide it up into pre-renderable octets, and you can make everything much faster… Or something like that.

I’m probably wrong.

Here is an updated version. This is a light test so there is NO raytracing. I think I will render the final version like this . . . only took a few minutes to render :D.

I also implemented a few suggestions, namely, extending the ceiling, and spreading light onto the ceiling so it is’t completely black! Tell me what you guys think :slight_smile:

gurgh, you got a lot of jaggies on that there.

if i were you, i’d render at say 1600x1200, WITHOUT OSA, then scale it down 1/4 or 1/3 of the size in photoshop.

I know they’re nurbs objects, but they still have ugly edges that we can see. The “jagga-jagga-jagga-jagga” on the edge of your ship. You, of course, don’t need subsurfing, but what you do need is change the settings (in edit mode) that say “Resol U: #” and then right next to it “V: #”. Make them both as high as it takes to make your surface entirely smooth, it will greatly improve your scene. It looks like a great idea, though, I look foward to your results.

The higher the sample, the less noise. That doesn’t mean that the samples need to be at 16 every time, though. And, you might want to consider a more basic AO setting, since you have a quite odd sky texture. If you even have a sky texture. (Did you apply an image to the sky?)

Anyhow. I quite like it. Keep it up.

One more suggestion. The ceiling is merely a flat plane, and as of such, it shouldn’t need many verts. You might consider making the lights dupliverts of the ceiling plane and thus having them perfectly lined up and able to be moved quite easily. This is accomplished by parenting one of the lights to the plane, then hitting “dupliverts” in the animation section of the plane’s properties - the section with the axis arrows.

The jaggies might also be a result of Nor mapping of the texture (slight disfiguration of skin (in my opinon it is too much). I am working some other ship textures, but those will take a while to complete(considering this project is going to be on the back burner for at least a week and a half) OSA is set to 16 in first shot and 8 in the second. WAIT! I see what you mean now(just dawned on me :smiley: ) Ok, I will smooth those out.

Thanks for the tips, I will try them as soon as I can. I had never seen that for NURBS. Also, I do have a sky, but I can always change that and tweak the world settings. Thanks :smiley:

BTW . . . the lights AND the squares ARE dupliverts. That why I made them dupliverts, so they would be easier to handle.

Thanks for all the positive feedback. I was somewhat hesitant about posting this at elysiun. My scene just seemed so simple compared to the others I have seen here. I guess I just delight in simplicity :D.

Ah, the simpler the better! I really like this scene. Keep at it, and always feel free to post here. Heck, the most flak I’ve ever gotten from this forum was for getting on here in a bad mood and being overly critical. Heh. Most people are nice. Post, post, post! You’ll learn faster!

How do I get REAL worlds? For some reason, reflections just seem to be the background pasted onto the mirror. Would I have to use spherical maps and/or angular maps to solve this problem. The animation I want to do starts outside the hangar and the ship slowly flies inside. I want the reflections to look believable.

This is probably one of the last renders. The artifacts in the sphere is a bug in Blender 2.34. I am kinda wanting to start a new project (getting a little bored with this one :smiley: )

I would appreciate any comments and critiscisms.