Project Hyperion -i'm back!

continuing from previous thread:
to conserve on stuff to read through.

I’ll post links to the latest soon

Latest animation… New fire adapted from a technique that Rhysy 2 adapted from someone else

Latest pic

a wallpaper/background From the fighter:

I’d really suggest reading the old thread if you haven’t until this one gets going

did you just make a thred for your thred?

Dude, Just change the title of the old thred and continue on there. This is like the 3rd or 4th thred for this SAME project?

actually, its the second. I don’t like having 4 pages to go through and most of the old links no longer work… I’m going to post here and just let the old one stop cluttering the forum.

if a mod or admin tells me not to, I’ll stop… but I personally think they’d agree with me. I’ll post a summery of the previous thread when I get it done so you can have 2-3 paragraphs instead of 4 pages to read.


I’m lead artist/director for an open movie I’m doing.
ganre: sifi action/adventure/epic
people involved include:

maaatt ([email protected])
nousndthem (music)
xrqlz ([email protected])

storyline: plot being tweaked by zog349
models: 4 ships done, 2 for each alien faction, a cruiser and 3 fighters. -texturing completed for all these

some missiles also done.

logo: model, materials, animation… all done (thanks to j)

currently working on: small demo short of fighter (the one in the wallpaper) launching, travelling, and maby doing some fighting.

-see what I mean? 4 pages down to one post

images from the previous thread.


more images


doesn’t thread have an a in it?

I’m no pro in physics, so I might be totally wrong on this but here I goes with my opinion:

the fire from the engine should be reworked. I know you worked on it quite a bit in the past because I saw the other thread, but I do feel like it would loose alot of power the way the fire dissipate behind the fighter. A jet engine (or any kind of engine like this) is basicly a controlled explosion to propulse the vehicle. If this explosion is not controlled, the power it produce will be greatly reduce I think. Hence why those jet fighter always have somekind of cone at the end of the engine to control the fire. Well that is what I understand of jet engine at least. maybe I’m wrong. But in anyway, I do think a controlled fire exhaust would look cooler.

good luck on your project…that kind of stuff really…but really demand alot of determination

what do you guys think? 1, 2, or 3 rows of m’s?

also, ecks, there is a nozzle… It’s just hard to see. I do need to make the trail more concentrated though, and maby make the nozzle easier to see. thanks for pointing that out…

it’s time to work on the next scene :smiley:


animated short rundown:

1)fighter comes out of hatch and leaves (like what I’ve got so far)

2)fighter flies past camera

3)fighter comes to planet

4)fighter docks at space station

5)pan around for a few seconds

6)fighter undocks quickly in a hail of fire comingfrom the corridor it docked to

7)fighter runs to other side of planet in hail of fire (maneuvers, maby gets hit)

8)fighter confronted by two of the sleek fighters from the other faction, one of each design

9)big dogfight within field of debris, lots of cool explosions etc.

10)fighter hit once, destroys both enemies with missiles, leaking air/stuff

11)returns home.

ok, finally getting around to assigning jobs… :-?

Anicator: dogfight

j: just continue the door
xrqlz: Texturing of door (details from j), Space station

Maatt, str1d3r, sh33p: what are your areas of expertise? what can you do?

also, CubOfJudahsLion: hopefully zog34 will send me his reworked storyline, then we can use your services as a screenwriter.

Thanks for everyone for help. Please post your acceptance or complaints.

if we can just finish the short I’ll get official support then we can use school computers for rendering…

what do you think? what if the reason the ship goes to the space station is to blow it up from the inside? what if it blow up after the ship leaves?

-just a thaught.

a little update… the fighter is either inside inside a refitted captured freighter or is in itself captured. THe ship goes to blow up the space station of the other faction.
it is piloted with a mercenary/captured alien to get past gaurds.

more later

Tim(producer) says that I’m going to far on this. The storyline isn’t worked out enough to have merc. aliens and the like.

so here’s how it’s changed.

the spacestation is in the back ground.

the fighters just meet while in disputed area.

i’m new on the project, so let me know if this is bad/different than what you’re looking for:

i got some preliminary (i.e 10 mins) texturing done on the door, just some stuff i had in the ol’ texture stash. good/bad? right style? input highly appreciated.

y’all can reach me at [email protected]

also, let me know if there’s a color scheme i should be following…

[edit] attached image (oops lol) [/edit]



Looks good. There really isn’t a color scheme… except greyish brownish stuff. look at the fighter. The door would not be grey, the colors are fine. but there needs to be dirt and burn marks. it can’t look streight out of the factory. these ships have been around for awhile, and they’re plenty dirty. The lighting and nor and spec values fit well.

in short: lower the saturation to make it a little faded, and make dirt/scratches/gunk etc.

“Please remove all metalic objects from your person before entering the test chamber.”

Not to throw a wrence in the turbos but …
I’d consider reworking the engine exaust on both the ship and the missles.
Think propane torch …
Possibly even consider that this type of engine is not even used in the time that this film is taking place.
Everything now is magnetic / graviton drive.
No fuel … no exaust.

It all works on a sub atomic level, pushing and pulling phlaptrons.
Never heard of phlaptrons? Prolly 'cause it’s still 2006. <G>

making this whole mess look a little older… adjusted the colors slightly. the whole mess is darker and dimmer, more grayish colors…

um O…K… the .blend seems to be glitching, making wierd renders and i don’t know why

test anim for the second clip, just a flyby in opengl.