Project Ideas

Hey everyone!

So I love Blender - I’ve been using it for years and years and I think that it is a fantastic tool. However, for about the last year I really haven’t done anything with it, since I feel oddly stumped.

The purpose of this thread is to ask if anyone has any cool project ideas or tutorials or inspiration or anything that would help me (and maybe some others with blender-block) get going again!

Any ideas guys?

a auto scene fill add-on; something like ANT landscape addon on but with the stuff that goes with it, there are alot of open source softwares that makes trees, grass, mountain for you, so all you need to do if you have that addon, is to choose the type of land (ie. montain range; low land; marshes etc. and then change the height of certain points, then the addon would use some real life data and place trees in places that trees would grow on, there are also alot of formulas regarding to population dispersion;
this would greatly improve blender’s goal orientation because for now, most of the people still need to make the whole scene up even though they have finished what was intended
if that’s too much, maybe just something like, from a plane, the user shows where is ground level, where are there levels of water, and make 2 points, where is the ground level, and another height in meters, then the addon would place the likely plants into the scene

oh, this might not be really a project or some sort, but i think it would be helpful if when sculpting,
i’m talking about is the mouse whne you do the sculting, there is a circle that shows the normal of the vertice, and i think that is just a superb idea, instead of just using the same old mouse which you don’t really get where you’re goin with, a responsive cursor that shows the normal when not just sculting but also painting would do great good because in sculpting or painting, you want to know where is your mouse, and i mean that when you’re looking at a port view, there are places that you’re sculpting or painting into that you need to switch the view port afterwards to correct that mistake

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The moral of the story is to take two things you enjoy and combine them.
You like blender, what else do you like?