Project Image ontoo Scene

Forgive me if this is the wrong thread. I want to project a drawing onto my blender scene. How would I do this?

So let’s say my images size is 1000 x 600 and my render size is the same aspect ratio. Can I attach the drawing to the camera so it fits the scene exactly?

Of course!
1) Press 0 for camera view
2) N for view properties
3) background images, Add image …and browse for whatever picture u want to put there,
optionaly set only those views u want to have the image shown

Thanks pitat450 :slight_smile: Only problem is I want the image to be projected on top of the models. So let’s say for example I have windows in my drawing. Currently they would be hidden behind the 3D models. I have lots of models so I don’t want to make the models transparent.

Is there a way to get the drawing to project “On Top” of the scene and mesh objects? I hope so… :confused:

well, I dont think it is possible to do exacltly what u want. Mainly because if u draw lots of the meshes (and u said u have lots of them) they would form actually opague surface even if they were transparent or semi-transparent. So instead, maybe a good idea is to organize your model into layers so you could easily switch and orient yourself in them.

Thanks, yes I guess you’re right if the image is being projected from behind. Too bad there isn’t an option to allow the image to project from the camera?

I wonder if I couldn’t somehow attach a transparent .png image to the front of the camera. Then I could see my lines over top of the mesh?
I tried it last night. I selected the camera and then added a texture to the camera and then loaded my image into the texture but it didn’t seem to work. Anyone know how to do this?

Well, couldn’t you make your model like… 50% transparent and project it behind it, so that you can achieve the same outcome?

You can unwrap the object in camera view and choose ‘Project from view’

You could also try this with ‘Sticky’ or ‘Window’ texture coordinates instead of ‘UV’

Aericks, thanks, yes I could but like I said above I will have a lot of models so I’d prefer not to have to do that. :slight_smile:

Organic, thanks. Never heard of unwrapping the object in camera view before. How is this done?


Just like it says.

Hit 0 to go into camera view, and when you unwrap choose ‘Project from view’.

I think to use sticky coordinates for more than one mesh you will have to join them, but once they are textured you can probably separate them again if you need to.