Project Impulse [CrystalSpace-Game]

Hello Folks out there :wink:
I always had the idea in my head to build up a game like WipeOut for PC, and since Blenders GE has arisen and Crytal Space became integrated i decided to ask in the german blenderforum if some people would like to help me building it. Many people answered and now we got our own forum to build up a game like Wipeout with Blender. In my link you can see some of our work and an ingame shot (its BGE yet but we will swap to CS)

I hope you like it

If you would want to help us you can easiliy join our community by asking me or coming to the irc channel #blendout :wink:

C&C is very appreciated :slight_smile:

wfg -dante-

Hey Dante,
wow that seems interesting i’ll keep an eye upon it. I really would like to help but i think i’m not good enough, but i will join the IRC channel and say hello. It’s an interesting game.

Keep up your work.