project : inside out 2 [jpgs work now]

i had cmyk jpg, that was the reason for the bad links!!!

what do you think?

front and back cover of my presentation packaging.


Can’t see anything. :o


That’s some professional, good quality work. What is the presentation package for?

“The image “*” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors."

why do some people cannot see my images?..

the rings you see on the rendering are the product and i have drawn the 2d perspective and 3 3d marker renderdings.

this all is to promote and advertice my work.


Perhaps a provider error. First attempt this afternoon I couldn’t load the pictures now I can.
BTW, very nice design and render.


i would not blame it on my provider. i have uploaded cmyk jpg and since i am on os x no problem with that but other will have.

no i have replaced them with rgb jpgs.

thankx for the comment i love doin that metal is awesome!


What is the product you’re working on ?

Nice job !

I like it


this is a project from my metal design class.
the theme was inside out. that is my result. intersection and moving parts .