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My Latest Project "#Joy "


A very lovely image, charming innocence, joy indeed.
As techique newbie, a thought only about composition & color:
(Also, I used to drive those damn things - no joy at all, lousy handling, sometimes scary…).
Imho, the composition as to form (or shape, in still image) is faultless; the same about the gradations of light. Very well done.
The near-central placing of the VW bus tends to make it (almost - one can never compete with the human image(s)) the “subject” of the scene.
This is reinforced by the VW’s color saturation - although the mother/child is (as form) equal in color strength, the vehicle is much larger; also, although perfectly authentic (& also nicely done, no matter I hate the damn machines :slight_smile: ), the circular VW marque & headlights, & the strong convergence of the chrome trim create a dominant visual focus on the microbus.
No doubt the little family love their sturdy wagon that brought them there.
I’m sure your sensitivity to the captured moment of peace & joy required artistic subtlety.
You have achieved this - not an easy thing to do, actually, avoiding mawkish sentimentality.
Put differently, such a scene would be so easy to do badly.
Although I’m sure you have already considered it, a thought would be to slightly bring up saturation in foliage, & perhaps water of the stream.
Then, where some highlight level is shown on the father’s shoulder, & on the Mama’s & babe’s pale skin, it could get a little emphasis, in brightness & perhaps in skin tone (?).
All this without losing the beautiful misty loveliness of the overall scene…
I know - easier spoken/written than carefully designed.
You do excellent work.
Do more.


Thank you
Beautiful tips

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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thank you :heart_eyes:

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