Project Jupiter (UPDATE 10/13/2005 - BOTTOM OF THREAD)

I have been working on this art project for about 3 weeks now. I need critiques. This little movie is the intro to the animation I am doing.

I am looking for critques on

  1. Textures (Jupiter and Io both have several textures. Star map in background is also a texture)
  2. Lighting (Entire scene is lit by one sun lamp)
  3. Camera movement (I thought this would be a cool intro into a sci-fi animation)
(Note: Movie is 1.84MB and encoded with DivX 5.2)

Here is a test of the light shockwave using particles.
(DivX 5.2, 1.4MB)

Tell me what you think. This is for an art project at school.

the camera movement is a little too fast. Try to slow it down.

Reminds me of Star Trek TNG open credits…

The moon has some kinda weried reflection thing going on. Otherwise its quite good and i found the cam movment quite good.

There are however a lot of moons around Jupiter!


Yes I am aware of the numerous moons around Jupiter. . .but only Io plays a part in this animation, hence it is the only one visible. Had it not been for some interesting foreshadowing, Io wouldn’t not have been included either. I checked out this sort of veiw in Celestia too and I didn’t see anyother moons visibe. I didn’t even put in Jupiter’s ring(but that will be fixed).

About Io reflection problem, I think it is because I have alphamapping enabled, so you are seeing through the moon to the texture on the other side. I will fix this as soon as possible

I will play around with the camera movement speed a little more.


This was for the 9/12/2005 “EDIT” in first post.

Ok, new test. . . .

Here is another particle test. . . I think this will make the final lightboom.

I have had suggestions to remove the rainbow colored shockwave. This is how I figured it into the original animation. Any comments?

I need critiques please. (pretty please with a cherry on top :smiley: )

The rainbow colored shield thing looks out of place because it has no depth. I know how ludicrous the idea of curved energy sounds to some, but if you use the wave effect (x and y) on that rainbow thing and animate that, then I think it will fit in. Oh, and I think the rainbow is there too long, as well. This looks really cool, though.


There’s no need to bump unless you’ve got something worth while to say or another image to post.


There’s no need to bump unless you’ve got something worth while to say or another image to post.


I bumped because editing my first post (see 9/12/2005 edit on first post) didn’t bump it. Apparently, editing a post doesn’t bump it. Sorry if it caused anything.

Ahhh, I see. Then thats ok, but you may want to make a note of it in the bump mentioning the update :slight_smile:

I’ll do that . . . thanks! :smiley:

Here another update(2005/10/04). Again critiques requested. This art project is due 2005/10/14. I plan to be rendering the week of the 14th though.
(XVid 1.03, ~2.3MB)

Ok, update (2005/10/13).

Changes: Experimenting with camera angle and different colors.

I need critiques/suggestions on camera angle, composition of frame, and color scheme. This is for an art project, and it is due tomorrow, Friday, 2005/10/14.

I am concerned that the image looks very flat. I don’t know how to fix that. Help???

If you look at the pics of jupiter here the planet gets quite dark to the edges. That should help add depth.


Thanks . . .

The way the scene is set up . . . I have several spheres for Jupiter. . . to create a 3D sort of atmosphere. The second sphere has a very small emit value that keeps the back side of the planet from going compelety dark. If you have an LCD moniter, you should be able to see this by viewing a picture at the different angles.