Project Krokvik Building Generator


I’m here today to announce the development of Krokvik, an Easy to use Building generator solution. The goal of this solution is to allow you to create buildings with ease using only a color coded 2D stencil and some values for E.g roof height, windows height etc. Once you are happy you can execute the stencil reading and in a matter of seconds you will be left with a fully render-able scene with: materials,lights, backdrops and a render ready 360 turntable camera.

If you are not happy with the outcome, you will be able to iterate on different design ideas quickly and make very fast changes by adjusting the stencil and tweaking values to get the desired look you want.

For different styles of buildings you will be able to choose between avariety of building types which will change the materials, settings and the overall look and feel of the buildings you produce.

Here’sa quick demo of the tool:

TheHDRI(waterbuck_trail_4k.hdr) used in the rendering setup of the model shown has gracefully been made available by HDRIHaven under CC0(Public domain) licensing.

Note that all you see is subject to change as the application is currently under development.

Thisproject is a collaboration between:
Jonas Melander
Ilias Norelund

If you find this project interesting and want to follow the development we will post updates regularly on Twitter. Bigger changes will be posted here on

Stay tuned for more updates and have a nice day!