Project Krypton



I think people would prefer to control their armies, instead of just watching. Like the Total War games. Complicated though. What pov are you thinking of? Top down, 3/4? I’d like to see that done in blender. Well, good luck.

It would be cool if you could design your own units. Also, maybe the player could control one unit at a time, so he doesn’t get bored in long battles.

Exactly… He programs his units ahead of time, one at a time so he doesnt get bored in long battles. And in a possible future version, you will be able to design your own 3D unit looks. Would you like to help?

@3dMedieval: You will be able to pan the camera around. I don’t think it would be very boring… Especially since you will also be able to get POV for EACH unit!

I’d definitely enjoy watching my little guys dish out the punishment, but I’d really want to help them at the same time.:ba:

If you post some reference pics I could create some models for you, but I have my own game to work on too.

@mcguinnessdr: Just model what you think a medieval, Today, and Futuristic male Spy, for starters… Im working on the medieval version weapons for this. (I am hoping to have three servers at the start… Medieval Server, Normal Server, and Future Server. Each one goes by the style of the peeps)

I think it’d be cooler if, you picked your team like you said, but instead, you fought as one of the army people, like the general or something… That’d be really cool! :smiley:

Good Luck :wink:

Hey thats a sweet Idea… You make an army fully programmed except one, and you get to control that one! (Until you die… Then you go to battle view…) anyways here are some sweet weapons I made and textured (srry, no glsl support on my compy)

I haven’t gotten anyone wanting to join… maybe it is because I have no work shown. so here’s some weapons!

@3dMedieval: Here is a good example of some normal, 30 minute work… :slight_smile:



I like this idea. A lot! At first I was wondering why you left Asteracers- but now I see you’re inspired in a completely different direction! Have you seen BlenderPeople? It’s a little like what you’re attempting here.

Here is a sniper rifle i just modeled and textured in about an hour and a half. Hope you enjoy!



Question: This game is a top down, lots of guys on the battlefield at the same time style game, correct? If so, that gun (nicely done) is quite high poly for your format. I’m thinking Age of Empires, or Total War. Or do you mean 10 man/woman squad per side?

Also, I wouldn’t be too concerned about how long it takes to model something. You’ve mentioned that a few times. I mean only this - a game like you are proposing will take a very long time to put together.

Do you have help yet? I’d like to see this game succeed. Not sure it’s been done in blender yet.

Ok, good luck.

PS: I’m seeing this game sort of like this:

Maybe a different style.

Yea, it would look something like that. Try this link and play the game for more of a feel of what i was going for…

I only have the help of one other person, my friend Dhaher. Im still looking toward making a team of up to 11 people, no more than that. :slight_smile:

Im building a medieval hut for two purposes: To go in the battlefield for Krypton, and for 3dMedieval. I’ll post it when its finished

EDIT: And i was thinking a max of around 20 or 25 people per team, so the sniper’s not too bad…


Oh, so small battles, not big armies? That sounds better, then we can have more graphic details.

Not SMALL battles, but there would be about 50 guys running around killing eachother… :slight_smile: But yea i need some people modeled as i am no good at that.

EDIT: I was kinda hoping for using Unity 3D for the GE so it could support higher poly models… But yea the more Unity can support, the more troops you will be able to have.


Hey ShingWanTin,
so this is what you left the Asteracers project for… :rolleyes: sounds like a pretty huge project. Do you need some python help? :eyebrowlift2: (I won’t be able to help all the time since I still work for the Asteracers project too of course.)

I don’t know if I’ll need python just yet… :slight_smile: Oh wait, make a python script so that when windows get shot they shatter! That would be awesome… xD


EDIT: Oh, by the way, here is a medieval building i just made. My FIRST building ever completed! Please give me feedback on my models ive made, and feel free to help! :smiley:


I guess if you need modeling help, I’ll lend a hand. (Hopefully, a few other of the Asteracers guys will too.) What do you need?

It’s a nice effort, but it sort of feels made up. Those rock pillars, for example. The people who built that house would have spend an enormous amount of time moving them into position. They just don’t feel right on a tiny house. AO bake it and add more texture layers. Do a search for medieval houses, and try making a house based in what you find. :smiley: