Project Leader: Sci Fi (derived) animation collab with pre-prod/prod/post exp

I tried to be up front with the title I wrote. I am a long time fan of open source Blender 3D suite. I have only amateur experience with animation and audio editing, modelling as my fave sidelined hobby. The goal is to locate collaborators not volunteers, as a focus on the derived type of short animation tasks I will share my level of

Like I said, I have experience. I like rigging and curved path animation usage, and fully textured models are as far as I have been able to practice on. This forum is the best resource so far for beginning a project, and a current BA group started up by JJR Animations, called Blender Animation Partner, it seems he is willing to listen. I love the group name, as it sounds like a legit movie production community. 15 members and counting. For a group to be few weeks along and with out a set goal as if yet, it is good timing if you ask me.

Any response is great. I expect some one to have experience with finished collaborations if Volunteer is the only means to hire.

This is also a plan to start with a Sci-fi script, a Blender Prod team and final animation length goal, from this point on.

I will update my amount of material after the Group comes together more, and the replies trickle into this thread.

(BA: as a reminder, Blend Swap and resources like that are most useful for SciFi animations in general, I am aware the materials are in abundance and make a beginning point for a collab very attractive to ideal team members.)

I am looking for collaborators, volunteers and Project leaders with Experience.

Where do we go from here???