Project LightBulb a.k.a transformer short movie

hey people!

I’m starting a new thread that will be the nest of my latest and most ambitious project!

To make a long story short, I,m studying in Cinema at school and for my last term (which start in january) I need to produce a short (5min) movie. It’s suppose to be a live action movie, but I made a deal with my teachers so I could make a cg animation instead.

I just need to show them that I’m able to do so by the end of THIS term. That mean writing the scenario, drawing the storyboard and modelling the main characters.

I want to go farther and also model the main environnement in which my movie take place. All of this before the end of December inbetween school and work.

So here’s the basic stuff you need to know about the project. I’m gonna elaborate more later on the story, but to make it short: it’s about a robot, which can transform itself into a vehicle (you’ll see later!) that needs to fight to defend his ideas.

Might sound boring and not original, but it’s not the point :wink:
My point is to create something impressive that will also give me a reason to learn character animation.

So without more text, here’s my first renders:

The textures/materials are obviously temporary.
I hope you’ll enjoy my progress as much as I’m enjoying it myself :slight_smile:

PS: I expect this project to run from now on up until May '08

well you’re certainly off to a good start! is this gonna be a one man project?

i just did my thesis film last year (it played at a festival in montreal last month, actually!) and i used blender for a couple of effects, but nothing on the level you’re attempting! one of my friends did an impressive 7 minute stop motion on their own (and in spite of many warnings from our professors), so its totally do able if you’ve got the determination!

i’ll be excited to see how this comes together! my only suggestion is, for when you get to setting up the actual shots, don’t pull a micheal bay, give us some wide angles so we can see whats going on!!

best of luck!

This might be airing in montréal too since it’s where it’s being made :wink: I’m doing this for my cegep final project at College Ahuntsic. And yes, it’s a one man job. I might get some help for the sounds and music, but all the modelling and animating will be done by me.

Which school were you going to?

Excellent work so far, Ecks. The modeling is, as is true of all your work, of the highest quality and technical skill.

Your story sounds quite challenging in terms of animation. It will be very interesting to see how the transformations are eventually rigged and handled.

I wish you all the best and will keep an eye on this inspiring project.


small update:

Hey Robertt, tx for the motivation :wink:
As for the transformation animation, I intend to make 2 version of the robot. One rigged as a character that should be easier to handle most of the time. And Another version of the robot with a couple more hidden pieces and just the rig for the transformation. I basicly have 2 planned shot for the transformation. I might end up and cheat a little on those depending on my time limit.

Anyway, we’ll see :slight_smile:

wow!! i like the metals! i’m a fan from now on!
the yellow and mouth reminds me of bumblebee. :smiley:

Awesome! Can’t wait to see more. Do you already know how it will transform? Do you know what will happen to all the parts to make it into a car?

I love bumble bee he is the coolest!
I was waiting till the dvd was released to model him.

this ain’t bumblebee…maybe if I change the color:confused:

but thanks everyone for the comments so far!

livewire: short answer: no, and it won’t be a car :slight_smile:

livewire: short answer: no, and it won’t be a car :slight_smile:
Could I possibly have something to do with a certain light producing object? :wink:

The project looks great!, I plan to watch this one!


Mmm, this is promising …

hey this is a good start! do stick with this!

update time!
just started working on the arms! (they’ll look stronger when finished :wink: )

The “subject” of my short movie was assigned by our teacher. It is “Cinema and myself”. Since i’m studying cinema to later make Cg stuff, whatever I do as a short fits in the subject since I’ll be doing it cg (anyway, the teacher give that subject knowing people will take it to the large sense). Anyway, I’ll go a bit further than that. I’ll be adding individual shots in my movie that hints to different movie that were important for Cg Animation. For exemple:
Matrix Reloaded - burly brawl scene - Neo taking the pole out of the concrete
I’ll probably be incorporating that one shot into my short. Robot taking light pole out of the concrete ground :wink:

So if you have any suggestion on cg movie scene I could try to incorporate in my short anim, it would be great to hear them!


This whole project makes me excited. I’m definitely gonna watch it. Your modeling/texturing/lighting, just whole eye for design in general is always top notch.

Anyway, I’ll go a bit further than that. I’ll be adding individual shots in my movie that hints to different movie that were important for Cg Animation.

I love that idea.

ok, this is a fantastic project, and it looks like you’ve got it well thought out. Good luck, I’ll be watching this one!

Hi! Very interesting project, I can’t wait for watching this short! Reference to landmark movies is a great idea. I thought about it a little, but I am not sure the films I remembered as ‘important for Cg Animation’ can be easily hinted at in the context of your story. Anyway here what I came up with:

  • Tron (first one I can remember), maybe you can use the disc-fight scene, maybe by making your character throw a drain-trap on sb, or put a light-cycle somewhere…
  • Terminator 2 should be easier to adapt to a robot themed short;
  • Jurassic Park, but I can’t figure out how to make it fit… A dinosaur toy hung to a rearview mirror in some car?
  • Pixar movies.

I’ll try to think about it and find more of them. Good luck!

Hey Ecks,
Nice job so far, I hope you do well! I don’t know what kind of refs you are useing but if you need them these look helpful.

Your modeling is absolutely fantastic. I hope to be half that good one day.

I was browsing 3D World the other day and the most recent issued has a HUGE section on transformers and goes in to detail about how they went from Robot to Car, etc.

You should be able to find the magazine in most bookstores.


Still need to add thumb, and yeah, the pose isn’t perfect :stuck_out_tongue: I still have to rig it right. For now, it’s only posed using emptys at the joints.

Braek: tx for the tip, I’ll probably go buy that one! :smiley:
TheNinja: Yep, I got all Ben Procters drawing in my reference folder :slight_smile: but thanks anyway!
oolorin: tx for the ideas! I’ll try adding Tron, since it would be nonsense to leave it out. Maybe just a hint with light flowing in lines around the robot body (like the tron one piece suit) in one shot :wink: would fit with my scenario too.

Keep the comments coming :smiley:

This is looking great so far Ecks! Mind posting a .blend or material settings, I’d like to learn some more about materials; I’m not very good with them.