Project Linn (Action RPG)

Team Name:

Project Name:
Project Linn (subject to change)

Brief Description:
Fighting in war may be all great in all, but what if we were to start the war instead. In a fantasy setting where the mind can adapt to imagination, we are in the eyes of 6 strange characters who are aimlessly starting war and to pit the souless against the humans as the two drive the fighting between both worlds. Their goal is to elliminate the two colliding worlds of the two types of creatures to ensure that their kind can coexist and live among the two colliding worlds as their geting rid of the souless and humans. Their kind are staying out of the fight and breeding new children
and to rise from near extinction.
Taget Aim/Compensation:
This a freeware project at the moment, but possibly some support from a publisher if the project’s porduction goes well underway. No payments just a hobbyist (soon to be career) project, but who said I couldn’t pay later…we’ll leave that up to a publisher as we might hit home consoles, but right now it wil be a PC project.

Unity 3D - - in conjuction with Unity will be:
~Scripting Languages~
Python “Boo”
~Modeling Packages~
3D Studio Max

Talent Needed:
Level Designers
Concept Artist // 2D and/or 3D artist
3D Modelers

–My part will be designing the game’s key concept like the game controls and how it will be played out, story development, characters and script writing.–


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Additional Info:
This project is to help build a portfolio and at the same time to work on a serious project. This project may not be for you, but it is to help others get their foot wet into actually developing a small game as small ideas do lead up into something bigger. You may not see anything interesting with this project at first, but as development goes on you will reconsider. More info will be on the website as it is beeing in development, but you can still check it out.

Currently still looking for a publishers, but before we can find one we are going to have to bring a working game amongst them.

Bge forum=bge game. Not trying to sound like a douche, but just because you use blender to model a few game props does not make it okay to post a unity3d game in this forum. Please relocate to a unity forum.

Already have and appose to just using Blender and knowing that everyone don’t use it as their are many other great tools that people use out there. I’m only using Unity 3D as a hub for modelers of many different tool assets to work on the project as I am looking for whatever help I can get and find as modelers are never to easy to find when targeting a specific engine. I personally use Blender, but doesn’t mean everyone will be interested or willing to switch to Blender. So therefore Unity 3D is used to bring all modelers of many programs to work on the same project no matter their standpoint. Regarding that, thanks for your reply.

I want to help out
but how many people are on this project at the moment?
Cause i don’t want to start with this project if its gonna crash in the middle of development.
Let me know