Project loading for animation


I have heavy project. I am doing an animation. It takes as long to load each frame as it does to render each frame. Is there a way to speed up the loading of the project for each frame? Can any of the information be cached so the loading of the project between frames can be sped up?

It takes 3 min 45 sec to load each frame and 1 min 45 sec to render each frame, roughly.

Here is one of the frames

You’ll have to explain what “loading” means. Are you referring to the process that happens during rendering when the scene data is loaded into memory? That may be difficult to speed up, as it depends a lot on what kind of settings you are currently using. But it is not common for the loading of scene data to take longer than the main render process either.

Here’s a good place to start: Run Blender in the command line and render an animation. Then read the command line output and and let us know what parts seem to be taking the longest.