Project London Models Q&A

As some of you have already noticed, Project London has released all of their major 3D models under the CC license. Free SciFi models for everyone!
My Project London Models
Everyone Else’s Project London Models

I figured I’d put up a thread in case anyone has questions about how the models were made, or how to use them.

Mod note: I looked around and couldn’t find a thread about this, so I figured I’d make one. Feel free to lock and re-direct if this thread already exists.

Really nice models / texturing! Thanks for sharing. I guess it was done in 2.49?

You’re welcome! Glad to be able to share (finally). Yes, we did all of the work in 2.49. I opened the models in 2.5x just to make sure they all still worked, and didn’t see any glaring problems. Let me know if anyone finds stuff that should be fixed.