Project London Sighting

I was reading about Google droppping h.264 and saw this :wink:

-laugh- The article it is used in is amusing too. Let’s use a picture of a film made possible by use of open-source software, to bag out another open-source project, because it is refusing to use patent-encumbered formats. Let’s also try equating the installation of a freely available open-source codec with the learning of an artificial spoken language. Finally, let’s top it off by claiming that Google prevent choice when the codec they want is available & included freely in their offering.

Sometimes PR is nothing more than trying to feed the public a shovel-full of crap… and I’m someone that had no problems with proprietary software. I just hate it when I’m being blatantly told lies

I agree with BTolputt; that’s just wrong on so many levels :rolleyes:

so true hahah I did not even see that.

however on a curious note who did they come about Project London and why did they use it there?
Just curious