Project machine angel

hi again. i’m working on an idea i’m calling:
project machine angel

seeing the site get such a cool makeover i’m ready to commit to developing aa long term idea. i did promise i’d be back to model something so here i am. and now that i think about it, i’ve been down on my luck the past couple of months so doing something creative is a good way to channel the negative energy i’ve built up into something more useful than depression.

didn’t realize the image i posted last time was broken. haha. here’s what you were supposed to see

since he kinda looks like a cheerleader, i’m calling him max. max sounds like it would suit someone dressed like a cheerleader. haha.

okay then, introducing max, the main character of project machine angel.

i’m going to give him a more human form now.

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nice work, the style is so much beatuiful
but iam kindawandering, is he a boy or a girl ?

hey alf0. thanks for the comps. aaand he’s a boy. haha. i was wondering if the outfit and colors were too feminine but now i know, thanks buddy. :smile:

as you can see i’m definitely going to reconsider my color palette and outfit designs.

on the bright side i have been interested in making a gender fluid character so when that day comes i have a basic idea on how to approach developing one now. haha.

top left and medal botom are nice