Project Menagerie: A Blender Series (Previously: The Story of Ven)

Wow that is some changes, I like to see what is gonna happen as we go on. Even now it is a origianal story, I am still going to love this project.

I give you my good luck!

Hows the discord going? haven’t seen any links posted yet.

The discord server is now up! Here is the invite link, it is set to expire after 50 uses (to protect spam)

IT’S SUPER BASIC RIGHT NOW!! The server will gain more as time moves along.
Feel free to join to keep up with the project, contribute to it, or if you just want a place to play games and post memes!

Update July 14, 2019 (A new chapter!)

Today’s the day, marking a new beginning with The Story of Ven… We are no longer in fan fiction status and now we are making an original!

Introducing, Project Menagerie!
As explained in an earlier post, Project Menagerie is a secret program within the CIA designed to weaponize animals for the defense of the United States and their interests. Although Menagerie is in the USA, they aren’t the only ones to arm animals. Russia has their own form of this project, named S.O.A.D (Special Operations Animal Division). Other countries have also done the same thing by sticking equipment onto the animals using them as covert agents.

A huge note is that I will be separating the whole film into segments, like episodes, and seasons. The whole first book will be Season One. This will open up more plans for continuation!

So currently my work is planning and scheduling Episode 1, which will hopefully be longer than 20 minutes, and will somewhat follow the book. Right now, I’m working on the script, which will be recorded, then storyboarded, then turned to blender for fun times. I will post every bit of progress (without spoilers of course)

Thanks all!


Not bad. I like original stories, a bit more than fan fiction, actually. I’ll gladly watch the first episode once it’s up.

Do you still plan on releasing them to YouTube, Blue? I, too, plan on releasing some segments into episodes of my own “movie”.

Good luck with episode one, though!

Yup, It’ll definitely be on Youtube.

And thanks! Same goes to you bro.

Hey, Blue. I had a question: Do you like watching anime?

I’m just thinking on how I am going to make my Blender 3D anime series (previously a live action drama and film series), and I’m having a topic about it up for any development on the series that’ll be shown on YouTube.

That was just what I thought at the moment. If you’re interested in anime, why not check out my WIP? I’ll be making modeling progress after Monday next week.

Hey, Blue…are you having your trip to Spain or are you still working on the first episode of your Blender series? I’m just wondering since you haven’t updated us on your progress for the last two weeks of summer. Everything going well?

Being that I basically started from scratch again, I’ve had to re write a lot of things. But yes, progress has been made and storyboarding has started. Blender renders will continue again soon hopefully.

My trip to Spain basically got cancelled due to that TDY, and I’m still struggling to find time to work on Menagerie on top of military. But I will never let the project cancel. It will get done one way or another!

I know the feeling of “starting over from scratch”. I’ve basically re-started my original novel over a couple of unwanted things I wrote down on a document. There’s a reason why “rewriting” exists, doesn’t it?