project mesh onto surface from viewpoint in 2.6 (old "retopo all")

How can I project all selected vertices onto another surface from view (for example, a ring to a sphere surface) in 2.6? Ordinary retopo by snapping to faces doesn’t work properly as I want to keep the ring shape and only move the vertices on one axis. Shrinkwrap modifier does this, but messes up the ring shape.

Turn on snapping to faces. There is a projection option. Press G as you would move the vertices and they will be projected back into the screen onto any object behind them.

Yep, I did that, but the resulting mesh was offset from the original position. If I constrained to an axis by pressing Z for example the projection didn’t happen at all. Interestingly the constrain to axis works now with G and Z, so problem solved. Thanks for the quick answer.

edit: the resulting points still won’t lie perfectly on the surface, there’s a small gap between projected mesh and projection surface, even though they have similar topology (uvsphere and ring). But it’s not a show stopper for me.

I find mixing the shrinkwrap with the smooth modifier, and making a duplicate of the target object & subdividing it heavily works better as I think the shrinkwrap modifier looks for actual verts to snap to.

you then apply the shrinkwrap and delete the heavy proxy

Yep, dense shrinkwrap mesh did it. It gets slow on my laptop, though. Thanks!