Project model edges to another model

Hello all, I was wondering if it is possible to project edges from one model to another model ?
Something similar to Blenders knife project, but instead of projection being dependant on the viewport angle, maybe being dependant on the normals or something else that has full coverage.
For example, i create a cube and i create a sphere encircling the cube, I would like to project all of the spheres edges onto the cube. Knife project will project half of the sphere and distort it. Does not have to be a sphere, just something that doesnt give results determined by your viewport.

Any ideas ?

Something like using Shrinkwrap modifier on a sphere onto a cube… or so:

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Not quite. The cube was just an example. Im essentialy looking for a knife projection, but without the projection being dependant on the viewport angle, since it stretches the edges where the viewport cannot see. Either dependant on the normal direction or something alike.

Did you try a shrink wrap modifier? It does exactly what you’re describing, just non-destructively

I know the shrinkwrap wraps around the object, but as far as I am aware it doesnt project edges from one model to another. What I am more specifically looking to do is retopo certain parts of a well UVd and well textured model. As far as I can see, my best option is to save the old edges into a group, shrinkwrap better topology flow to the model and project new edges to the model, then delete the old edges. Knife project is dependant on viewport angle. Take for example I want to retopo an upper leg to my liking, mesh is UVd and textured, but the topology isnt the best. My idea is to create a cylinder, shrinkwrap it around the leg, project the cylinder topology on the leg, delete old edges and now the new edges are from cylinder. Problem is the knife projection does not project around the whole leg.
The end goal is to retopo with minimal touching of the UV and textures.

Well the idea of the shrinwrap modifier is that it changes something according to another object… and then this is you new object. IDK if UV can be transfered with a some transfer modfier ?? but you can bake the existing texture to the new UVs of the new object… (using the skrinked or newly unwrapped UV of thi object)…

Your knife cutting workflow with making new edges and want to delete the old edges… is by far to cumbersome…

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You want something like Softwrap…which will wrap a one mesh around another making a new mesh…