Project modeling village

Hello world,
I would like to ask you for advice about my and my friend project. We want modeling our village. We choose Blender. This project have help us to learn modeling and help get the job in the future. We think so that can be a big advantage on CV. Anyways, maybe someone of you have any advices for us. Where to start? Do Blender is really good choose? What’s engine we should use (we though about UDK)? Of course, first our steps will be do some tutorials. Maybe any advices about extensions or organization of work?
I hope so that is correct division.

Blender is a good choice and is easy to learn if you are willing to put in the time. Another good 3D modeling program is Google Sketch UP. Its specifically designed for architecture and you can import it into blender. Hope that helps

Exactly that is our dilemma - Google Sketch UP or Blender. We first tried work in Blender (maybe 1 year ago), but it was too difficult for us, but we know so that is professional software.