Project Mr. Bravo

I have been working with Blender from a last 4 years but i was unable to share some of my work with you guys.
Although i have learned a lot from the work produced by the blender heads and it really inspired me a lot. And I
am very thankfull to all the guys who helped me in learning.
So after seeing all the amazing work from you guys, here is my inspiration :wink:



[INDENT=6] Mr. Bravo

Personal project i am currently working on. C & C Welcome :evilgrin:

looks like a solid model, the textures could be improved, imo. also, I noticed he doesn’t have eyebrows. not sure if that is intentional. here’s a cloth map I made that could work well on the jeans.

thanks for your concern Modron I really appreciate it . And yeah i have started texturing yet this is just for my referance and am not good at it either, so i l do it at last ( after rigging). Currently m pretty much finished with the rigging part and will share some screenshot with you guys.


i started playing with the rig now and it is fun really.:slight_smile:

Playing with the rig and loving it :stuck_out_tongue:

cool. Liking the eyebrows.

thanks for ur appraisal Modron…:))