Project Noir: The Apartment

(Harpyja) #1

HI, Blender Artists :slight_smile: After a lot of thinking I decided to make my own animation. I guess I’m not gonna reach the finish line, but I hope I can learn A LOT along the way. I’ve already written the scenario, drawn some storyboars frames and begun creating locations. Here’s the first one: my main character apartment.
Almost everything was createdy by me from scratch; I only used some home plants from archive3d, after fixing materials. I also created a 360 render, which can be seen on my artstation
I’d love to read what you think about this project. Where can I improve?
Have a sunny day! :sunny:


(DenisL) #2

Very cool and realistic! I like a lot. The artwork looks very good on the walls, and the living room is amazing. The only thing that offputs me a little is the colour harmony of the kitchen, with the pink cupboards. Also, I’d be nice if the fridge matched better with the height. But wonderful job overall!


(Harpyja) #3

Thank you for your kind words :slight_smile: Well, this kitchen still bothers me, like I feel there’s something odd about it, but I don’t see what exactly. I’m pretty new to interior design, so I hope my next render will be muche better. :slight_smile: