Project Num Zero


first of all i messed up and made that wierd thread…um sorry

this is how the game really looks, but in the blend file i didnt put any textures, so next time i will.

here it is :

the game type is puzzle sort of thingy, its two player co op but i’m trying to make it four player.

The Story:

Aliens are trying to invade earth so the humans send two men to try to figure out why the aliens want to invade, but then they crash land on the alien planet and get captured, the only way to escape is to have their robots to help them:yes:

here are some pics

ha! Nice! This is what people like to see, but put in some screen shots so people can see your game, not just a video… I mean the video is good, but seeing screen shots will give you more chance of people watching the video :slight_smile:

Good job!

Looks very nice, the graphics remind me of spyro. So is this going to be co-op over the internet, or on the same computer?

Screens please?
(My net blocks streaming media)

In the video… why don’t you make it full screen? I can’t tell what’s going on at all…

Also… the graphics look really oversaturated with effects… mainly motion blur? Is there also some sort of blurring going on? It’s really painful to look at…

Maybe screenshots or a bigger video will answer these questions? An FYI: You can “fullscreen” the 3d window by having the mouse over it and hitting Ctrl-Up. Also, the “print screen” button on your keyboard will take a screenshot of the screen and put it into your clipboard, where you can paste it into paint/photoshop/gimp/whatever.


It’s tough to tell what’s effects in your video and what’s compression artifacts, but I can’t really see very well what’s going on either way. I can tell, however, that you should probably cast a ray to prevent the camera from going through walls.

Wait a minute. Your using models from Yo Frankie!

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tony zambrotto, that was uncalled for. Please be respectful of other posters. Your post has been deleted.

um, it may be my computer, but I still see it… :confused:

btw: Doom, you should make another video, but use a more screen resolution. I’m wondering how you are going to make it 4 player, are you going to be using joysticks, game controllers? Because if you aren’t it’ll be a little hard fitting 4 people onto the keyboard, 2 is already a tragedy… :confused:

Good luck on the game anyway!

I see. I suppose you haven’t seen the thread he posted last week. I’m sorry if my comment offended any one else on this forum, however, I am not sorry nor do I regret offending doombopboyz. So you think my comment was uncalled for, well look at this:

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I’ve seen that thread. That does not excuse your behavior in this one.
“Yo Frankie! is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license 3.0. In short, this means you can freely reuse and distribute this content, also commercially, for as long you provide a proper attribution.
The attribution is: © copyright Blender Foundation |”

Even if they are, there’s nothing wrong with using models from yo Frankie.
And its smart to use available resources, especially if you’re a programmer and not an artist or modeler.

What how did you know!!! i only took the trees!!!:eek:

Minifig can you see the picture? or deviant art is blocking you:no:

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I can see your screenshots. They look nice.

I don’t see the pic. :no:

That looks pretty good.
The motion blur effect seems a bit much if it is on all the time. If it just illustrates a temporary condition of your player then it should be fine.

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