Project O

Hello there,
I really didn’t want to show my progress until I had my characters textured and so forth, but a lot of time was spent in creating them, and I spent so much more time just staring at the models…so I thought it would be good to see them through other peoples eyes.

Suggestions and crits are the purpose I post them, but before you do, know that this is my hobby I don’t come from any artistic background and things like " the head seems a bit off" wont mean anything to me. Would love to know your 1st impression when you saw them.
The characters will hopefully be part of my game project so I would love any ideas how they could become more…hmmm…special. :slight_smile:

I apologize for the lighting, some overlapping can be noticed in some of the pictures, still a lot of work and cleaning up to do.

Models are high res…to high at times for my PC.


And few more.

Horse and a wolf.

Very nice work. The horse’s head needs to be about 15% larger and the wolf’s neck needs to be much smaller at the base, so the shoulders look prominent and square. Hope that’s specific enough :slight_smile: It’s looking great.

Thank you for the feedback. The horse is bugging me so much its unreal…its so hard to nail the right proportions.

Did some work on them backs.


Small adjustment to the triceps.
Its weird that I notice those stuff from the photos.



One more back that kinda feels almost maybe finished. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, so I started to work on a pair of wings. Did the research, using some kind of reference…but feels somehow that the result is evading me. Im going for a broken demon wings result.
Any suggestions and things to fix are welcome.

Started while having my morning coffee - turned into something that I will definitely use.

Some kind of demon creature. Sculpting is mad fun.