Project: Obelisk - Animators and Concept Artists Wanted


This guy hit me up on DeviantArt who was looking for a 3D animator.
He then told me about this game project they’re working on and said
they’re recruiting people right now.

The story is being worked and at the moment we’re trying to come up
with a short teaser trailer.

So far it seems we’re mainly using Blender to make this happen
(which is my main piece for creation…so YAY! ), but I think they’re
going to be using the Quake engine.

It’s just a smaller project. Not really any money involved…but he says
if/when it is finished and gets taken up by a publisher, everyone will be

Even if nothing ever happens with it, I’m in it for the learning experience.
So, if anyone is interested in joining in and having a little fun, feel free.

Also note that everyone on the team so far have full time jobs to make a
living. So, it’s ok if you don’t have entire days to dedicate to this. The
guy just asks you be upfront with what you can do and if you can’t do
something, let him know so he can look to find help for that area.

Here is the site describing what the plans are, what they’re still looking for and
who they already have.…topic_id=507522

If by any chance you do want to get involved here is the main guy’s e-mail:
[email protected]

He will probably ask to see some of your work.
I am one of the animators so word up. :wink:

P.S: I didn’t know where else to post this since it covers a lot of categories.

And I promise this I am not a bot. It’s a legit.

Haha your are not a “bot” but I am.

does the movie bad villain grin

Anyways seriously I hope you make progress on this project and at the same time gain new friends and have experience. I may browse into the site at some stage.