Project object onto another and keep the thickness

I would like to know if it is possible to do this in blender.

It’s easy to make with a plan like this, but I don’t see how to keep the thickness of an object.

use in sequence 2 shrinkwrap !

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Hum, I don’t see how to, sorry.

define one verts group + shrinkwrap for the top and another one for the bottom verts + shrinkwrap


No. There are workarounds that will get almost exactly the same results, but no one step operation like that. The shrinkwrap is designed to work with single layers of mesh. Some of the more expert users here can tell you how to do it in many ways…

Edit: This is using the chain: object>lattice modifier>lattice>shrinkwrap modifier>target. I guess it was not clear from the illustration.:smiley:

Ricky blender’s solution is almost perfect. I had a look to see if I could pull this off cleanly and got good results. Instead of just projecting the verts of the mesh onto the other shape (since a complex mesh wouldn’t have a good “top” and “bottom” to use for the projection, I got a good result by putting a Lattice around the projection object (and adding a lattice modifier to the object) and then project the top of the lattice and the bottom of the lattice onto the geometry using shrinkwrap > project. Leave an offset on the top of the lattice to control how thick the mesh is once it’s projected. hope that helps!

So simple !!!

Thank you DruBan, it’s perfect !

A video to show how do this !

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Je donné très peu d’information, mais vous comprends parfaitement. La video, elle est très claire, très belle. Formidable!

avec blender il existe plus d’une facon de faire les choses !

lattice est une facon mais la methode avec 2 shrinkwrap fonctionne aussi bien pour des objects avec deux niveaux !

le video est bien fait en francais peut tu en faire un en anglais peut etre

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Avec mon accent on ne comprendrait rien ^^

Je n’ai pas réussit avec les deux shrinkwrap par contre.

Ok je vois avec des vertex group ! Bien a savoir thx :wink:

Hello, I tried this method to apply some solidified circles on a curved mesh (not a sphere) to get something like that (the yellow circles on the pink base):

But the circle gets horribly deformed with both methods, the lattice one and the shrinkwrap -> solidify one.
Here’s a video of the effect. Why doesn’t it just move around, keep its proportions and just bends on the surface without becoming oval and disappearing into the mesh?

Is there a best practice/simple way to put these circles on the surface and move/scale them around?
Blend file here:


To some extent this is similar to Cast modifier. Would work with less hassle on grandesballo example.
Make sure your geometry allows for such bending first - circle with ngon fill would fail most certainly.

Thank you, your help for this project is gold! The ngon top was the problem, I should have known! -_-

May I ask how you made this pill-like topology? Did you started with a sphere? If I begin with a cylinder I can join the top vertices only by straignt edges…

Inset the top ngon by a little to get a uniform ring of quads around the edge. Then delete the ngon and use grid fill or bridge edge loops to fill with quads. Both or at least one should be in the mesh menu.

Thank you, the missing step for me was the grid fill. Now it’s perfect.
I hope you don’t mind if I asked this noob question, but I’m learning as I model and I prefer this way instead of following random tutorials.
Now that I know about the grid fill tool I will read the manual to master it. Thanks!