Project of 2.79 (Blender Render) looks completely different in Blender 2.82

Hi there,

I just signed up and I need help using Blender 2.8x.

This is the case, we receive projects from external artist. They created them in Blender 2.79 using blender render (CPU). As I have no idea of Blender and no idea how to handle this program they only teached me how to render Animations. As we need to create a lot of these Animations of functional prototypes we bought a PC with i9-9900K a year ago to save the money for external render time, but it was to slow. Therefore we decided to go ahead with a Threadripper 3990X 64core / 128thread PC with a RTX 2060 Super which is now running fine since yesterday.

Unfortunately v2.79 can only handle 64 threads. If I start blender twice some times all threads will be used, some times they both share the same 64 threads and it will be slower than before.

This is why I have installed v2.82 but the projects look completely different. Lights are missing and the surface also looks different. It will render very fast but it looks complete wrong.

I would be more specific of the wrong look of the project if I would know what I am talking about. Sorry for this.

Hope you can imagine or show me how to explain it better what’s wrong.


2.82 is miles beyond 2.79 in terms of its rendering tools; Blender Internal (BI) renderer went bye bye and Cycles has had some improvements. If your materials were done in BI then you’ll need to redo them in either Cycles nodes or EEVEE nodes since those two tools are now the standard. Good luck.

That means nothing I will be able to fix and I need to keep using v2.79

The other option will be to get v2.79 running two times at the same time but using different threads. Is there any solution to grant this without using a virtual machine?

Then I misunderstood what you need since the title of this thread and your original explanation is somewhat misleading. Carry on.

There is a somewhat awkward way. First you should download the last experimental build of 2.79b. It contains all updates from cycles to then. Then you activate the addon material utils with which you can convert blender internal to cycles. If you want, you can then use File Append to import the objects and scenes into the current 2.82. It will probably not all work out. Make many backup copies. Good luck.

OK, thanks. I will give Blender 2.82 a try.

I have also found a solution for Blender 2.79. Windows 10 is not designed to handle more than 64 threads. If more than 64 threads will be used in a system, it will build processor groups

Group 0 = cores 1-64
Group 1 = cores 65-128

The bad, if you open Blender several times, Windows will random use group 0 or 1. Menas some times programs will share the same group and threads.

To solve this you can use the task manager and assign the threads and groups for each application.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to convert the 2.79 based projects to 2.82. Therefore I will go ahead with the CPU group method in 2.79.

Thanks a lot for the support, I have learned more about Blender in a week than in the last 2 years.