Project OPEN: List of open-movies/movie made out of open source software

Dear Blenderheads,
As part of my project, i am looking to showcase the glory of open-movies or at least the movie made out of open source software.
With this thread i would like to build up a list of these types of movies. These movies must be owned by you or your production company and must be volunteered to my project, all chosen movies shall be showcased at one of my universities lecture halls in june/july.
As part of Project OPEN’s picking process, i would call upon Blender’s community to be part of POLL. This will occur when i feel the list is mature enough.
Requirements of entries:
-the film must be between 5+
-must have a suitable story(beginning, middle and end)
-of suitable standard(we are planning to showcase what open-source software such blender and other complements can do)
-the movie can be in any style.
-this would be an opportunity for your team to showcase your film.

Movies that have a permanent place in this competition:
Elephants Dream
Big Buck Bunny
Tears of Steal
Project London(hopefully)

Please append as applicable.

Kind Regards,

enters room

Thanks, I’ll be in town all week.

For free, but not open movies if anyone’s intrested:

Hey npm1
you probably already know this but there’s a big difference between open movies and movies made out of open source software. And even movies made with the help of open source software can vary a lot… as I recall, blender was used for storyboarding of spiderman 2 :slight_smile:

maybe this list (movies where blender was used, a lot and a little) can help

Can you cite a source for that? I’m just curious.

Look at the “Effects” section, last paragraph.


I looked up Anthony Zierhut’s site, he’s even posted a tiny screengrab here:

nice to know.

Ha ha, nice.


Thanks everyone for sharing these links.