Project Orange open source software

I have been looking for a list of the open source software that project orange has been using. Blender and Gimp go without saying, but what else are they using?

Linus OS for one. Beyond that I’m not sure, but they might be using Verse. Depending on how much of the audio work is done in house they might be using some freeware audio apps. (Ardour comes to mind) They might also be using ImageMagic in the image processing work-flow. They might be using different kinds of rendering engines like yafray, radience, or even renderman stuff like aqusis or pixie depending on what they are rendering. Im sure there’s also all kinds of OpenSource software in the infastructure. (Things not directly related like networking, storage, email, etc.)

They use Blender, Gimp (Seashore on OS X), Subversion for version management. Of course Linux, beyond that I’m not sure (doubt they have too many other things that are significant…).


I’m particularily interested to know what they are using for a non-linear editor for the final cut.

Or for that matter, does anybody have a recomendation for an open source NLE programme?

The NLE will be Blender :slight_smile:

not everything they need has been written yet - but there is a pending patch that makes the Blender sequencer a lot more usable for longer sequences. Also there are a large number of seqeuncer plugins that you will want to have.


They’re probably not using it but here is a great new piece of software that works a lot likee zbrush It’s making nearly as great of strides a Blender! Good stuff!

Why hello torq, haven’t seen you around here in a while (msut be busy with that thing people call “real life” :P) SHarpconstruct does indeed seem to be making great strides, I’ll have to check it out again.

HI! Well, tell you the truth, I’m always about! Don’t have much time for posting but I do follow a good portion of this community. :slight_smile:

Torq is the program made only for linux ?

yes. Although at least one person is working to port it to windows (I don’t think there are Any attempts for mac yet)

Hi - indeed we are now using the ‘new sequencer’ in Blender for the final edit. DrQueue for renderfarm. Some Python and are looking forward to getting the Blender compositor :slight_smile:

They are, at least in some capacity using Celtx for screenwriting. I made an inquiry about that and they answered yes they used that for script development. developed by greyfirst in Canada.