Project Outreach - Mars Migration Vehicle EEVEE-01

Mars migration vehicle EEVEE-1 arrives to Mars orbit, December 25, 2107. Two “Gunther” class OSBT’s approach for cargo inspection.The historic moment captured by a passenger on a transport ship en-route to Kasal station.

Part of a scifi narrative I’m developing. More coming soon. Rendered in cycles. Blender 2.9 Further edits in photoshop


Hi, Josue. Welcome to the community.

I hadn’t yet heard of the Mars vehicle EEVEE-1. I like that they named it after the Blender renderer (they must be cool people). I love the irony that EEVEE was rendered in cycles! I think its a better name for a space vehicle than a renderer.

Haha! Yea, Well I’m in the process of generating a more realtime friendly version of the ship which is why I named it EEVEE-1 but it’s also just part of a scifi narrative I’m developing. Trying to go for an archival national geographic take on humanities expansion into the solar system and beyond. More soon!