Project Pain - Perspective Confusion!

Hey guys,

I am just trying out project paint to see if it could save me some time on a project. I am not getting the output I expected!

I have made a YouTube video in an attempt to outline my issue.

Effectively, whenever I try to angle out my “project from view” settings, the result on the projected paint is warped. This could be something obvious about perspective that I’m just not getting, or maybe there’s a setting that can sort this out. I hope it’s the latter because I could do with it working.

Hope you can help!

What if you make roof and it’s front planks separate object? What could help is add more loops to mesh; it’s behind the scenes converted to triangles and since the end part is this square -trianglish shape initially… that might cause warping.
Another method would be, just mark faces you see in picture, unwrap from view and adjust/place uv vertices on picture where needed. Texture clone paint, as i see, is more used just to mask (paint over) seems.

From what I understand, subdividing a surface solves the texture warp problem. See Andrew Price’s Blender camera mapping tutorial.