Project Parasite

for all those who think the word project in a title means a team, Project Parasite IS the game name, not Parasite. Taking this into account, an artist would still be nice :wink:

In the year 2054, a metorite crashed to earth, and scientists found an egg within it. The egg soon hatched into a kind of worm, and reproduced rapidly, with no need for a male or female. The strange thing about them was that only certain kinds layed eggs, and they always layed their eggs in meat. That gave them the nickname of “Parasites”. You are a security guard at the facility that is studying these monstrocities under the code name of Project Parasite. One day while you are in a lab, an earthquake hits, and the door is blocked. Worse, the Parasite’s glass holding cells have shattered. Knowing that you must keep the…things from reaching life, you must activate lockdown, use a secret exit to escape before you are trapped.

Welcome to Project Parasite!
This is a short FPS horror game of maybe 2 - 3 levels, based on Social’s template. The first level is done, and the storyline for that level is displayed above. a few glitches still, and nothing happens when you win, other than the screen fading out.


Opening cutscene

After the lockdown has been activated, the alarm turns on, red lights turn on, timer appears, and the door opens.

Heading down the hall to the end, I turned around the corner to meet another small batch o’ Parasites.

So far there are three types of Parasites:
medium - slow, take two shots to kill
small - quick, but only takes one shot to kill
lithe medium - looks like a medium, but longer, and a bit faster; two shots will do it in.

Now, after making you look at that, here is the game!

Sound credit:
smcameron - gunshot
HardPCM - alarm
SFXbible - hissing noise
unkown - earthquake, glass shattering

Looks cool! i’ll try it out!

Edit:Good game keep up the good work!

Hey yo where do you get your sounds at? Btw i got a nice decent frame rate!

I got the sound from soundsnap and free sound project, which reminds me…

ok thx that should help me alot!

Holy shit the creator isnt bitching about his shitty graphics card?!?!? i am shocked.

I didn’t download, but by the looks of it the textures need some work and so does the level design, its a bit dull imo, but, I said those as critiques not insults.

This looks like a good start. Good luck.

@ alex
yeah, I’m awful at texturing… wait, how can you say the level design needs work if you haven’t downloaded?!
@ blafen
I get around 55 FPS just running around… it’s strange!

HEY whats THAT mean?!?