PROJECT PEACH DEV: Strand render simplification (reduces strands with distance)

  • Strand render now has options to remove child strands as
    the object’s faces becomes smaller, in the Simplification
    particle panel.
  • “Reference Size” is the approximate size of the object on
    screen, after which simplification starts.
  • “Rate” is how fast strands are removed.
  • “Transition” is the percentage of strands being faded out as
    they are removed.
  • Another “Viewport” option removes strands on faces that are
    outside of the viewport. “Rate” again controls how fast these
    are removed.
  • Strand render in Blender Units now has an adjustable minimum
    width. Below this minimum width, strands start fading out
    instead of getting smaller

Some optimization that reduces or simplifies strands as they get further from the camera, good for minimizing memory use with huge fields of grass or crowds of furry creatures:)


lets hope that this will also be included in the SDS system.

have either of you or any tried out the hair yet ? It rocks! it’s trippy giving 3d stuff a hair cut.

Still trying to get to millions but the ends of the strands are very flat and not tapered. Many thanks dev team

This is just getting better and better!:smiley:

built-in LOD? cool!

will those strands also be removed when using yafray? i’m always fighting with yafray’s xml size when using grass and this could save a lot of memory.