PROJECT PEACH DEV: Zaghaghi developing atmospheric scattering (2 top news bits)

Now, on the heels of initial instancing code comes atmospheric scattering.

This should lead to better fog effects and other effects.

Check the link for an initial video and the interface for this feature


Side question; Why does blender use all this technical terms for parameters?

Very cool! Does this mean that Blender will be able to render volumetrics soon, like PyroCluster?

As to why they use technical terms, well, I suppose you have to call the parameter something and it’s easy enough to look up the science if you need to get an accurate idea of the physics that Blender is emulating.

Because the devs are so damn cool frikin dammit.

This looks interesting btw.

Agreed :evilgrin:

Word :yes:

Does this mean that Blender will be able to render volumetrics soon, like PyroCluster?

No, Blender lacks voxel rendering to begin with… we could have had voxel rendering, but the GSOC 2006 was granted to the realistic sky and clouds instead, of which everybody could anticipate that it would be dead on arrival.

i dont understand what that video is about. seems to me like a light just went on over some cubes without shadows.

is there anything else to it?

same here,

I slightly cannot see how this is volumetric scattering …

toontje tja too bad that now also the sky system did not work out.

both would have been outstanding additions.

I first didn’t get the point of the vid at all. So I downloaded the .blend and rendered it to see if it wasn’t just youtube who made it kinda odd.

So when you render it yourself you get a movie where the cubes appear in order of there depth location. Wich is kinda what would happen when dense fog becomes less dense. At the end the whole scene just gets brighter and brighter (no more fog).

I don’t know the node system but he made some kind of fog :RocknRoll:

that is what I understood as well - I am curious how this relates to volumetric scattering.

According to his todo his he hasn’t actually implemented the formulas yet, it’ll be interesting to see what it will look like when complete.

This doesn’t mean volumetric or voxel rendering, it is an approximation of volumetric effects that happen in the atmosphere, but only of specific effects. Check the links to the paper and slides here: .

There was no voxel rendering proposal competing with the sky render.