Project- Personal Reel

Hey guys and girls!

I’ve finally put out my new reel thats a combination of work from the past years. Note that some of the animations are a bit old, but i still thought it would fit the beat :stuck_out_tongue:

Dont forget to view in 1080p, since ive lost so much quality uploading here

Link to Video

I was a bit lucky on creating short videos for Jaguar, Ford using Blender 3D. Some of it ive shown here. I know they arent the best. Since theres literally no more than 3 days to make 2 videos. (concept + story board + modelling + lighting)

Rest are just my favourites :slight_smile:

3 Days to make those videos is just incredible! Especially considering all the animation work that went into it.

Hey Scotty! Thanks for your time watching the video. Yes it was a huge challenge. But I’m glad it’s over (;