Project Planet Postmoderna is looking for more team members

Project Planet Postmoderna is adding to the team of modelers and designers for our virtual worlds project. Our whole team is comprised of volunteers right now but down the road pay will be based on a percentage of the profits from the world when it goes live.

Planet Postmoderna is a concept being built as a visual and promotional demo in the virtual world platform, Vastpark. The intent of the demo is to present the idea to potential investors in a way that they can experience it. The end goal is to take the concept back to Mindark as a formal (funded) proposal to allow Postmoderna to be added as a Partner Planet to the online MMO, Entropia.

Please PM or email me at [email protected] if you would like more info about this project or if you would like to be involved. At the very minimum, it will be a great project to add to your resume.

You may also learn more on our blog at

Thanks in advance.

Here are samples of what we are working on right now with the Visitor’s Center POI:

These are the base models (furniture, video screens, etc) with the basic UV image maps attached. We are currently working on the texturing.

We are looking for:

Blender Modelers with experience in texture design, UV texturing, animations, etc).

Hey Flapman nice to see you guys getting into further progress of Postmoderna… I would like to join, but I have my own things to take care and a lot of work ahead of me :/, I may come back later though, maybe after my project :wink:

See ya and good luck on the project,

I’ve got a texture repository you can use! (in my sig)
I may be able to help with misc. small things, but I’m not sure what I’m good at yet. :stuck_out_tongue:
If you need any other textures, just ask!

good to see progress on postmoderna, but… if this isn’t going to be run in the BGE, it doesn’t belong here, since this is a WIP/finished game forum for the BGE only.

yea, this is BGE only. For recruiting go to and, though with current screens you can hardly find anyone there

Guys, I was looking for Blender talent so we can continue developing in Blender. I didn’t see anything that indicated this is BGE only. Sorry if I missed that.

Thanks minifig. No we don’t really have a shortage of textures…just bodies to do the work. :slight_smile:

One of the stickies

That’s pretty nice! If you aren’t using the bge, then you can stil make this thread in the works in progress forum(under artwork). Or you can have a moderator move it there…

Nice room!

Nice room!

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Thanks Niko for the reference link.