project popcorn is now project 'Grace"

Update: Starting with one of the sub brands- popcorn, we are now doing it for the entire range of brands for the umbrella brand Grace. The idea is to do different types of setting (room/bed/decor) for the different sub brands. Check out the last post for an update.

This is for a commercial project, a series of images that have to be part of packaging for a bed linen brand. The brand is aimed at the young, under 25 segment and the brief says we need to create the room of a typical bedroom as a 20 year old college going kid in India would have. We cannot be too messy, by the way, even if that would have made it look closer to reality. Here is the project so far- bed, pillows, table clock, radio, guitar, headphones…let the suggestion come in.

PS: The scirocco has been put on the back burner for now.

a little empty in there, but I like the start :slight_smile:

the style is like almost realistic with a touch cartoony, but overall very consistent!

Hi Anuraag,

Put a poster of Bipash Basu on the wall. The matress looks like a block or lard. Ass some detail to it showing clean soft cloth folds at the edges and strees areas showing the sheets pulling the matteres down.


here’s an update:

Started fiddling with the cloth modifier to put a bed sheet. The guitar model is not mine, it’s been d’loaded off turbosquid and is a free to use model. The black thing in the corner is a lamp which probably has all it’s normals in the worng direction.

@Najjy: A poster of Ms. Basu or anyone else for that matter was ruled out for two reasons. First, it will add to the clutter and second, we can’t feature people in our ads that we can’t pay! I am working on the creases and folds in the bed sheet.

Feel free to suggest, would be really great if good ideas come out of it.


curtains! you need some of those

I’d put the guitar on the floor, leaning against the wall, or on a guitar stand… and make it an amp (it is an electric). Also - how about a CD player or something?

here’s an update:

We decided against the curtains as we felt that would shift focus away from the sheets and the guitar is there like that because the client likes it that way :rolleyes:. Anyway, i guess this is pretty much the final scene, and probably the final camera angle as well, only a few minor takes and done. what say? good/bad/ugly?

I reckon it all looks great except for the bed.

Check the furthest right hand corner. It’s very sharp. Mattresses have very rounded edges. Perhaps if you just beveled the edges of the mattress underneath, this would be enough to soften it out.

Also, the pillows look like they’re floating on top of the bed a bit.

Agree with gaTTaTTak. The mattress could be a little more rounded.

Also, the bulb in the lamp looks a little weird.
And the clock is so perfectly round, it looks like it’ll roll away any second now.

But except that, it looks pretty good.

It’s a pretty good image - well done! (I don’t really have a trained eye to pull criticisms on this one) - but I must admit no teenager would go near this bedroom, although the 25 year old Gen-Yer would consider this.

This is for the brand Diva - a slightly expensive range for the upmarket households. The setting therefore is more elegant and less peppy. Any suggestions?

The low resolution is apologized for.

Apart from the fact that it looks like a reference photo… none =).

That reflection makes the floor look wet.

thats a really good job :smiley: but i find tat the pillows look too hard…and not squishy enough

Doesn’t look lived in. Both have a sort of furniture showroom look about them. I think the lack of window covering in the first is a big drawback, even a roll down shade (rolled all the way up) would help. No one would live in a room where they could not block the view from outside. Trash containers in both rooms, chests of drawers for clothes. A table, books for the college student room. Maybe a backpack leaning against a wall. Some small rugs on the floor.

update time:

there are going to be a total of five images, so here are two more.

This is the for most expensive brand, hence the elaborate ornamentation on the bed and furniture.

this one is for the range targeted at kids.



its still wip, so expect more improvements.


more updates:


Looks good…
have been following this thread… personally, I think the first picture you put up for the brand Diva (the one with the wet looking floor :slight_smile: ) had the best composition, maybe too dark, but, i liked that one.
The latest pics that you’ve put up- they’re nice, but i think the lighting isn’t going too well… and, are also on the darker side… Need more light, although, maybe not from lamps/spotlights inside…
What are you using, Indigo/Luxrender?? also, would help if you could tell me roughly how much rendering time you give for one of these renders.
thank you…

Another image in the series, this one will be replacing the one with the slanted roof. That one was too dark for the client. Hope he likes this one.

@Abhiram: Hi, i am using indigo for this and btw, i live i the same part of the world that you do…delhi.