Project Posting?

Has anyone except me got loads of projects they want to post but their web site’s down / you haven’t got one and you can’t post anything? I’d like to know…

PM CubeFan973. He knows your pain and can help.

valarking: that’s nice of you to help thor after him starting the do you like valarking thread :slight_smile:
thor: get a website. i got mine from icuknet free no adverts either. all you have to do is use thier DUC once every 45 days. free e-mail aswell. thier site is

I don’t bear grudges. Except against macke and krich

It’s okay, my dad posted some images on his site, but a web site of my own would be better…

Email the guy at
He offers good webspace.

Varlarking: reblended has run out of space!!!

you’ve gotta be kidding… :o

It is, I was asking for space a few days ago and he said he’d run out.

Bummer :<

I can’t help with that kind of thing! I STILL don’t know where to put projects. I should probably use S2002’s forums, but I don’t think he’d be very happy about that :wink:

Actually that would make him very happy. He wants to see his forums get used more, so it would be doing him a favor too.