Project Purify development topic

I’m of for two weeks and you’re starting a total new subforum! Since we are only allowed to post screenies and vids at the demo forum, I guess it’s a smart plan to start a brand new Project Purify topic at this forum, so the demo forum keeps clean.

For info about the game, check the topic at the demo forum.

Current development status: same as two weeks ago. We got the basics of the giant chase. We’re at the early fase of the level design. Badman (the music composer) got a new guitar, so we might expect some cool riffs soon. Furthermore, I’ve found a handy tool for creating computer generated drum beats.

And for the guys (and girls) who missed the demo topic: here’s a pic of the current gameplay status.


I’ve created a small part of the level. Download it here. Linkxgl, if you have time, do you want to fix a little problem with the blue box? It’s supposed to push Forty of the platform when Forty is on it.

Um, ok, I’m done…

I didn’t know what you meant so I don’t know if it’s right… :
I’m working on my own project right now, so I might not be able to help out much… :\

Here’s the .blend: