Project Q - Looking for a modeler

Hi everyone,
I’m looking for a modeler for a multiplayer fps game. Graphics style similar to Team Fortress 2.
If you can make stuff that would fit that style post a screenshot here.
Thanks for reading.

Screenshots of Team Fortress 2 Characters:

you cant just expect people to reply with their work if you don’t present anything yourself. Is there any more information you can give, any proof of concepts you can show, any concept art, any games you’ve worked on before. I am not trying to be mean but honest. Keep in mind you’re not employing someone here, you’re asking strangers to partner up.

Thanks for the reply.
I don’t see a problem in asking people who like to make models to show their models. If anything it should be just another opportunity to show your stuff. I’m not asking anyone to work for me for free or to do what I want. I said that I’m looking for a modeler and I would like to see screenshots of models made in the style similar to what I’m looking for. If that is too much to expect then I’ll just do it myself.

I can confirm that this is gone be good game. Tested his current progress and he’s been doing well. Just for people to know - it’s worth to join Josip;)

Thanks Adrians, that’s really nice of you to say.

@ Josip Kladaric I think what blubb is saying is that showing some of the stuff which you made for the project would attract more people to be interested into use their time to create an actual model,since there is very low information on what you want .

My personal tip would be to post some images of team fortress 2 like graphics for any modeler that may not know what it looks like :wink: making it easier for the modeler to get an idea of what you ant/are looking for.

Anyway good luck I will keep a close eye on this one :slight_smile:

You are right, I will update the first post with some screenshots of TF2 for people who didn’t play the game.