project robot animation

Hi all

I decided to create another thread here since this forum is better suited for the stage of the WIP I am at. Hopefully this will get me some constructive feedback as this is my first attempt on animating a character. The following are two angles of the walk cycle I have made. Any tips from experienced animators are most welcome.

Nice, excellent first effort. It’s got a good “robotic” feel to it. Major thing is the weight, at a glance I suspect the passing pose is off-balance and that’s throwing things out. Try going through this example: It’s a nice simple example, and covers a lot of little things as well as the breakdowns.

Here is the state of art robo walk. Note toe / foot geometry is fixed:

What you can also notice in the reference is that robot can twist its torso, you can add that movement to your character to make it more interesting. Also there’s an up and down motion going on that can help you show weight in your robot as well as a weight shifting between the legs.

thanks for the input

so far this looks awsome

fixed the lateral balancing
hope it is better now

What you could also do is when his trailing foot leaves the ground, point the toe down slightly to show that he’s pushing off just a little.

Thanks for the comments again.
In a few days I think I will post a few more walk cycles for you guys to give me some feedback on. In the mean time I’ve got a still that presents the mood the entire project will be in.

Right now I am working on animating some special effects for the project but due to some bugs with layer masks I will have to put this off and go back to preparing other scene assets.

Three different walk cycles as promised.